Fit at 40 – Practical (& Simple) Tips To Conquer Your Body!

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Aging is inevitable! You can’t do anything about it.

You can, however, make sure that you age in style!

Even though the age of 40 is not considered to be old, but getting fit at forty can be more challenging.

That’s according to many factors, for example:

  • Your basal metabolic rate plays a big role in energy expenditure and causes it to decrease with age.
  • Recovery from exercises, I will talk about that later in details!
  • Protein is also important for staying fit at forty, it’s essential for muscle preserving.

Check the following list of things you can do to stay fit at the age of 40!

Don’t Take Stretching for Granted!


Never miss your stretches!

Not after the exercise, and certainly not before it.

‘Loading and Unloading’ is a word you may hear a lot from strength trainers. It’s more common for lifters.

But at your age, it’s a must after every training. When you do any form of stretching such as yoga, meditating, running in water or sit in a tub filled with iced water, you get full recovery from the training.

Which means, you avoid any future injuries that may happen after an intense workout session, plus it acts as restarting your muscles.

This may be hard to commit to if you have a busy schedule, so you may think that extending your workout session and not stretching will work for you.

But, believe me, it will only cause you sore muscles.

Preserve Your Muscles

The good thing about muscles is that they transform your body to a calorie burning machine that even burns fats when you’re resting!

The bad thing about it is that you lose it as you age. How to prevent that from happening?

Two answers; Exercise – Which we will talk about later on- and Healthy Food!

Let’s talk about the food part, the main element that preserves muscle is PROTEIN!

To make it easy, adding protein to your meals means you’re canceling the carbohydrates effect on your blood glucose level.

So, if you’re craving a chocolate cookie, grab a pair of almonds with it. If you do this with every meal, you’ll find out you’re increasing your protein consumption without any effort.

Watch Your Running Habits

Running sneakers

If you’re a running enthusiast, or just have a habit of jogging in the morning, you need to pay more attention to your feet.

Which means, wearing shoes that have thick soles, and not watching your movements or whether you land on your heels or toes, can badly affect your health.

Actually running barefooted is the most healthy for you, but since that is not applicable in most streets, try choosing shoes with thin soles that make your feet closer to the ground.

Most runners overstride, which can have a bad effect on your muscles, try shortening your stride or change your foot strike pattern so it’s less of pulling and more of pushing.

Don’t Exercise in Exchange for A Meal!

Going to the gym and getting into an intense workout session after a heavy unhealthy meal is something most of us do.

It may work for you when you’re 20, but 20 years later, your body doesn’t react the same to exercising.

Your ability to burn calories through exercising lowers as you age, plus your metabolism changes.

So, we advise you not to exercise in an exchange with a heavy meal. That’s a solution that will not work forever.

Following a workout plan for a long period of time will do great for you!

Save Some Time for Meditation

When you reach 40, you think that your body is the only thing you should be watching, but you should also pay some attention to your mind.

Studies have proven that meditation can significantly lessen stress and anxiety.

One of the most famous ways to meditate is yoga! Go catch up with those yoga classes because they could be saving you from mental conditions like depression. You can also see this outstanding review on Host Defense Lion’s Mane mushroom on how you can aid better mental focus and sharper memory as you reach a certain age. 

Watch Your Hormones

It’s a no-brainer that our bodies change as we age, hormones are the most obvious evidence for that.

Your body undergoes hormonal changes as you grow old, which means the way your metabolism works and generates energy for your body changes.

In simpler words, you may notice stubborn fat around your waist area that won’t go, especially for women.

So, understanding your body better and realizing that you need to change your eating habits according to the changes it encounters, will make it easier for you to stay fit and healthy.

Watch Your Blood Sugar Levels

Sudden mood swings, a strong need for sleep and changes in energy may be a sign that your blood sugar is not balanced.

Scientists believe the real key to staying fit while aging is balancing your blood sugar. In fact, the fats in the waist area I was just talking about, are all about blood sugar.

One of the best ways to balance it is cutting back on carbs and eating healthy. Check out How to Increase Metabolic Rate to know all the foods you need for getting your metabolism and glucose levels in check.

Cut Back on Coffee


Yeah, same old thing!

‘One cup of coffee is enough’
‘Too much Starbucks is not good for you!’

Chances are, you heard those words before.

Well, it’s about time you start taking it seriously and cut back a little of the black drink if you wanna get fit at forty.

One cup of coffee is really enough, caffeine can cause you insomnia which is common at that age, it also causes irritability.

Plus one more thing you may not notice, when you need an energy boost and you go for a cup of coffee, you’re actually robbing your body of the chance to generate energy properly by whole healthy foods.

So, you unknowingly make choices for your body. Always keep this in your mind, YOUR BODY KNOWS BETTER!

If you badly need it, one small cup for breakfast will do you no harm.

Change Your Sleeping Habits

When you’re young, five or four hours of sleep will do it for you.
But when you’re aging, things change.

If you wanna stay fit at forty, you’ll need to change your sleeping habits to the better. Although it’s probably harder for you to get enough sleep, especially if you have kids or have a hard job, but it’s a must for how to start getting fit after 40.

Seven or eight hours of sleep per night is perfect for you at this age, you’ll need more as you age though.

Never Miss Breakfast!

Don't miss your breakfast!

Not eating breakfast is even worse than eating an unhealthy one!

Breakfast gives your metabolism a kickstart for the day, so your body starts burning calories and keeps going for the rest of the day.

Eating a protein-packed breakfast will be great for you for staying fit at forty. Check the Best Breakfast Foods For Weight Loss to know what else you can have in the morning.

Schedule for Eating

Scheduling your eating times can be of great help in staying fit at forty. Because then you can know exactly how often you eat in the day and how many calories you consume.

Eating every 4-6 hours is a perfect system to follow if you’re willing to lose weight in a healthy way.

Aim for 20-30 Grams of Protein Per Meal

Eggs are a typical protein-packed breakfast

It’s no secret that proteins are essential nutrients to the human body in general, not only to athletes! If you want to maintain your building muscle mass, don’t look for long, proteins are the answer!

Having muscles helps in sliding those fats away. While you’re not doing any effort, your lean body mass gets working and gets rid of your calories, which causes your metabolism to boost.

In a case that you’re overweight, there is no lean body mass effort, therefore much slower metabolism.

Get Your Antioxidants Right

We all know how healthy antioxidants can be, and we’re not even going to talk about how essential the nutrients are if you’re going up the age hill!

There are a lot of health problems to face when you reach this age, all the way from skin problems to pain in your bones!

Focusing on having food that contains a lot of antioxidants may help you with all of that, with guaranteed results, and don’t worry because antioxidants are not only present in fruits and vegetables, they are also common in an everybody’s favorite, dark chocolate!

Never Miss Your Omegas! (Hint: Not the watch)

You may think all fats are unhealthy and unneeded, but you couldn’t be more wrong!

Omega-3 fatty acids are those fats your never want to lose, you’ll be surprised by how useful they are for your body.

Feeling discomfort in your joints? Take in those Omega-3s and you will be feeling 20 again.

Watch Your Heart!

Nobody in their 20s thinks about their heart health, they only remember this organ when they’re in a relationship! But when you get older, you can’t ignore the nagging in your head telling you to keep a careful eye on it.

When the heart is healthy, the rest of the body is. So you need to focus on having a lot of fibers and low cholesterol foods in your body, and maybe it’s time to remove processed meats from your diet.

Get in Some More Calcium

More milk, more calcium!

As you grow older, you need to pay more attention to your health. One of the most important organs to watch is your bones. You need to keep those dense and healthy!

If you don’t want porous bones, which is a very common condition after the age of 45-50, we strongly advise you to increase your intake of calcium to 1000-1500 mg per day, and it would do you absolutely no harm to add some vitamin D and exercise there.

Throw in Some Resistance Training

As you go up the age hill, your body is going through some changes, as it becomes a little less easy to build a muscular body, or even keep one.

When you reach 40, you should work more on those muscles, because your lean body mass will do great work for you burning those extra calories and keeping your metabolism up.

The efficient way to keep your muscles at this age, is resistance training, as studies show that it increases lean body mass by a great percentage. You should stay away from cardio though, it has been proven that those exercises decrease your lean body mass, and of course, help you stay fit at 40.

Do a Little Less Cardio!

We all know how movement can be important for our body health, but what if some kind of movement actually boosted our appetite? It’s okay if you want a fitness transformation after you reach 40, but you need to be careful.

Cardio is known to open up your appetite after a workout, even if you’re doing it to lose some fats.

It could make you eat more, and you don’t want that when you’re trying to stay fit.

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Save Some Time for Meditation


When you reach 40, you think that your body is the only thing you should be watching, but you should also pay some attention to your mind.

Studies have proven that meditation can significantly lessen stress and anxiety.

One of the most famous ways to meditate is yoga! Go catch up with those yoga classes because they could be saving you from mental conditions like depression.

Take in Those Fibers!

Ever wonder what’s your body missing? Definitely more fibers!

Fibers are very important to regulate your bowel movement, which can be such a nag at this age. It also lowers your chances of getting colon cancer.

If you want your body to stay healthy, make sure to get over 25 grams of fiber daily. Fiber is very commonly found in Avocados, apples, and pear!

Get Your Potassium Higher!

We know high potassium ratio in the body can be dangerous, but it’s important to eat just the right amount of potassium, which should not be very little.

If you’re suffering from high blood pressure, potassium is surely the answer. You can find it in potassium-rich fruits like bananas and oranges.

Put in Some Turmeric in Your Pot

There is a common belief that turmeric works well for your brain functions.

Curcumin, the active component of turmeric, is famous for its natural anti-inflammatory actions, making it famous among older people for more relaxed joints.

Putting turmeric in your cooking pot can have huge benefits. It dissolves in fat, so you should add some oils to absorb it, and also some black pepper to boost its action!

Get in an Apple Daily


There is not a thing an apple can’t do! They have a lot of fibers that can work on those fats that surround your organs as you age.

It has proven in studies that an increase in soluble fibers intake, causes fat reduction as time passes.

Even apple peels are useful! Ursolic acid, which is a chemical present in apple peels, can fight proteins that cause you to lose your mass and strength as you get older.

Those proteins increase as age goes up, and they don’t have very pleasant consequences, as they affect your muscles negatively, and you don’t want that as you’re growing up!


The More You Exercise, The Younger You Become!

Not only does it keep your body healthy, but it also does some great things to your mood, which will be down a lot if you’re going up the age hill. If you want to look like those female fitness models when you’re over 40 years old, do those exercises. As for men, it will be better if they have a regular workout plan.

Some Cardio will help boost your body’s happiness-causing chemicals, like serotonin.

If you want a good time sleep, go ahead and take up some yoga classes. It will help you regulate your breathing.

Of course, the most known benefit of exercise is losing fat. It helps in burning your extra calories, along with making you feel full faster, because of the fat hormone, leptin.

Remember Yoga? Go Do It!


Stress is bad for your age, it can cause those wrinkles you hate to increase. If you want to prevent the wrinkles, yoga is the way to go.

Studies have proven that yoga practices can lower anxiety level significantly in middle-aged women.

One of the most hated aspects of growing up is the wrinkles that cover your face, but believe it or not, they can actually be reduced by yoga, as it protects you from compounds that work on harming your skin.

Just keep cardio and yoga in your schedule, and you’ll be feeling younger in no time.

Do Some Weight-Lifting


As we get older, our muscle mass is lost.

You may not even notice it by then, but as you pass your 50s, the loss becomes much more significant.

Although men have more muscles, both the genders suffer from this loss at an older age, and of course as muscles go down, fats go up.

You can easily slow down this transition by exercising more, especially lifting weights.

Studies showed that weightlifting works well for your blood flow, and it even fights diabetes!

Weightlifting is more efficient than other exercises at this age, like jogging and cycling.

Do Some Press-Ups

Want an exercise that works up your whole body and helps you gain abs, even if you’re over 40 years old? Press-Ups are the way to go.

It benefits both your upper and lower body, which can be great if you want to have a fit body.

Wondering how to do it? Rest on the floor with your face down, push your legs close and put your palms so that they are touching the floor underneath your shoulders. Hold out your legs behind you, using the balls of your feet at support.

Thrust your hands into the floor and keep your arms straight, so that you’re elevated up. Keep your trunk muscles in a loop to perfect this. Work on keeping your body straight from head to feet.

Move your body lower by bending your elbows, do it until you’re exhausted, and if you keep it up, you’ll have abs in no time!

Russian twists:

  • Go get a dumbbell, hold it in your hand and sit on the floor, keep the dumbbell at arm’s length.
  • Lean back a little, and raise your feet upwards.
  • Rotate to your side, but be careful, while you’re still holding the dumbbell.
  • Go back to your place, then rotate to the other side, then repeat.

Alternating side crunches:

  • Sleep on your back and bend your knees, while they’re stuck together and your feet on the floor.
  • Put your hands on the back of your neck.
  • Don’t lower your chin to your chest, keep it pointing upwards.
  • While you’re in that position, contract your abs and lift your body up towards your knee.
  • Don’t sit up, just hoist your body up very slightly.

Triceps overhead extension:

  • Get a dumbbell and hold it with both of your hands (Weighing 3 pounds or more).
  • Stand and stay upright, with your shoulder straight and leave apart some space between your shoulder and feet.
  • Keep the weight up, and leave it to fall towards your back.
  • Make sure to keep your arms upwards, not far away from your head, and keep your elbows fixed throughout the workout.
  • Move the dumbbell lower behind your head.
  • Keep lowering the dumbbell, then slowly hoist it up again.
  • Keep doing this workout, and you’ll perfect it in no time.

Lateral raise:

  • Get a pair of dumbbells, stand and keep a shoulder-width space between your feet, with a dumbbell in each hand.
  • Keep your arms by your sides and contract your abdominal muscles.
  • Hold the dumbbells and raise them to the sides, keeping your arms straight as you’re lifting them upwards.
  • Move your hands back down.
  • If you do this exercise regularly, you will get stronger in no time.

Try to perfect how you do this exercise, then work on increasing the time of your workout, it’s guaranteed you will gain abs after those workouts.

Check this article for more exercises that will help in toning up your body: 5 Exercises to Lose Belly Fat in 1 Week


‘Life Begins at 40’, they say!

You don’t want to age in a bad health. Heavy breathing and painful knees are not the best things when you’re not even over 60.

The right thing to do in order to prevent this is following a healthy lifestyle and diet.

It may be hard at first to keep up with all those workouts and plans, but you will be thankful when you’re over 40 and fit as a model!

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