The 11 Best Herbs for Energy Boost

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Have you ever felt tired with no apparent reason? Fatigue is a simple medical condition, but it can stop you from doing your daily routine and that can be pretty frustrating.

Not many people can explain the exact reason for feeling tired, mainly because it has a wide range of reasons and they are all possible. It can be caused by a deficiency in nutrients, lack of oxygen, poor circulation, not getting enough sleep, and even stress.

There are many methods to help with fatigue, like going on a healthy diet for example or doing exercises, and there is one -not very famous method- than includes ingesting herbs to enhance energy, and it may just be your new magical pill to prevent fatigue.

Herbs will help sustain your energy and vitality, and one of its most desirable functions is clearing your mind, thus allowing it to think freely and get rid of toxic thoughts and stress.

Another advantage of using herbs is the diversity of types, so if you don’t like one type, you can just shift to another. Here are some of the types of herbs that can help boost your energy.

Best Herbs to Boost Your Energy

1- Green Tea

Green tea

Green tea may be familiar to most of you, being a very important fat burner and a requirement for nearly every healthy diet.

If you like Green tea, we have great news for you.

Drinking green tea generally enhances dorsolateral prefrontal cortex’ activation, thus improves your working memory which is much needed when you have problems to solve and tasks to finish.

This type of tea is made from Camellia sinensis leaves, that haven’t undergone oxidation like leaves of Black tea. It’s being used now in many industries, ranging from beverages to cosmetic products.

Although green tea is overall healthy, green tea coming from some sources often contains excess levels of fluoride, so you should be aware when purchasing to settle on companies who don’t use fluoridated water.

2- Ashwagandha Root

This famous winter cherry, also known as Withania somnifera, is pretty beneficial if you’re suffering from feeling fatigue.

It’s known to be an adaptogen, which are materials that are beneficial for herbal medicine as they aid the body with adapting to stress, either physical or emotional, and they promote homeostasis.

It has so many functions as it gives you better sleep for the night, pain relief, resilience to stress, and sometimes even resistance to disease.

So if you’re feeling tired and need a boost of energy, Ashwagandha is the way to go!

3- Cordyceps


Known as the ginseng of mushrooms, Cordyceps is a very valuable medicinal mushroom, due to its many health benefits and its ability to raise ATP levels, thus enhancing energy.

It’s about to be your new best friend with its amazing anti-stress properties and its ability to strengthen the immune system.

Cordyceps is also famous for having a very efficient effect on stamina, and it’s also very effective in treating respiratory system illness.

So if you’re going grocery shopping, you should definitely put Cordyceps on your list.

4- Rhodiola


This flowering plant is known for its ability to improve your mood and overall alleviate depression. It mainly works by changing serotonin and dopamine levels in your body.

Rhodiola is not very familiar in the Western market, as it rose to fame more in Asia centuries ago, but it’s becoming more famous by the second because of its cheap price and effectiveness.

5- Maca Roots

Maca Roots

This edible herbaceous plant is native to Peru and Bolivia. Dark-colored Maca roots, mainly red or purple, have large amounts of natural iodine, which has a very important property that is helping thyroid glands to produce hormones. It also balances your mood and helps keep your metabolism healthy.

You may have not heard of this herb before, but it’s very beneficial if you’re suffering from fatigue, as it gives a great boost to your energy and endurance.

It’s also known as a super-effective adaptogen, as it contains phytochemicals that are famous for enhancing vitality effects in your body.

Maca is full of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals that are very beneficial for your body, and it helps your body in adapting to everyday stress, by balancing hormones and boosting your memory and focus.

6- Schisandra


Commonly referred to as Schisandra Chinensis, this Chinese herb is one of the 50 most important herbs worldwide.

It’s often drunk as a tea, as its leaves get dried and boiled to be ingested. It’s known to be a tonic and a very important adaptogen with noticeable liver-protecting effects.

Schisandra can be very beneficial for your immune system as it relieves anxiety and boosts your energy.

It’s often referred to as “five flavors berry”, mainly because it can have 5 different tastes at the same time, ranging from sour to sweet to acrid.

7- Lemon Balm

This lemon-scented herb comes from the same family tree of mint. It is pretty famous for relieving stress, reducing insomnia and anxiety, and enhancing overall cognitive function.

It has been observed that Lemon balm also helps with some digestive problems, like bloating, upset stomach, colic, and even menstrual cramps.

The greatest edge of Lemon balm is giving you a boost of energy enough to keep you going for the rest of the day, as many people reported feeling calmer and ready to take on their daily tasks after ingesting Lemon balm.

It’s often drunk as tea, with one or two teaspoons of dried herb added to a cup of hot water.

8- Oregano


This name may sound familiar to you if you’re a cooking enthusiast, as oregano is a herb that is used often in the kitchen to give a nice flavor to food.

If you use Oregano in your food, you are going to be so happy to know this. This herb has a great function of enhancing your energy and it also can be used as a detox.

Oregano oil is literally full of antioxidants, which are very helpful for protecting your body against chronic conditions, and it also gives your immune system a boost that promises to keep your body energetic for quite a while.

A very needed bonus on that herb is that it helps you lose weight, as it contains carvacrol that is thought to reverse the chain of reactions that lead to fat cell formation.

9- Guarana

This Brazilian plant that you may have not heard of before, has some great functions that you’re going to need if you’re looking for a way to enhance your energy.

This herb actually contains more antioxidants than the mighty green tea. Those antioxidants help your body by protecting your brain’s nerve cells, thus boosting your energy by a great deal.

Guarana is used by bodybuilders to limit the production of lactic acid, this preventing the soreness of muscles that can be a great bother.

If you’re not a huge coffee fan, but you need the boost of caffeine it gives, we have great news for you, Guarana contains twice the amount of caffeine in coffee, and it’s much more healthy.

Guarana is actually very famous for being used in popular energy drinks, as it maintains your mental energy and focus level.

Studies have shown that people who ingest Guarana containing supplements, feel less fatigued by daily routines than people who don’t.

10- Tongkat Ali

This Malaysian plant has no competition when it comes to being a great natural energizer. Its effect is so guaranteed and it’s rapidly observed.

Tongkat Ali helps ease your fatigue by boosting testosterone production in your body. It is also known for blocking excess cortisol production, cortisol is a steroid hormone that is produced in your body in response to stress, and it has a very negative effect of turning testosterone into estrogen.

Having less cortisol in your blood and more testosterone leads to feeling more motivated and energetic, thus more ready to take on your daily tasks without feeling fatigue.

11- Eleuthero (Eleutherococcus senticosus)

This Asian woody shrub has so many functions that it should be a constant on your grocery list.

Eleuthero doesn’t only relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and help in boosting the immune system, it is also a very powerful antioxidant that is required to help your body adapt to stress.

Like any other adaptogen, Eleuthero stabilizes your physiological processes and gives your energy a great boost, which by turn reduces fatigue.

It is known to aid the body is using the energy it has more effectively, so your energy wouldn’t go to waste, and it’s also safe to take twice a day, but beware to not take it if you’re planning to sleep soon, because it could give you insomnia for the night.

It is better to avoid ingesting Eleuthero if you are suffering from unregulated high blood pressure.


There are so many ways to boost your energy, but not all of them give the rapid results that herbs give.

You may prefer going for coffee, or any energy drink, but those will let you down in long-term, mainly because they have so many negative effects on your overall health, and taking them in huge doses is never a good move.

Those adaptogenic herbs will sustain your energy with no noticeable side effects whatsoever, and no long-term effect on your overall health.

You really couldn’t ask for a better alternative to boost your energy.

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