Lean Belly Breakthrough Review (October 2019)

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“Exercise for two minutes per day, lose 30+ pounds in just a month!”. This sounds too scammy for most of you, I presume. That’s why I’ve created this in-depth lean belly breakthrough review to walk you through the facts, myths, pros, cons, and whether this program would work for you or not.

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Without further ado, let’s dive in.

What is The Lean Belly Breakthrough?

The Lean Belly Breakthrough package

Lean Belly Breakthrough is a diet created by the celebrity fitness expert, Bruce Krahn. It’s developed to help you get rid of the fats that built up in your body over the years.

Bruce claims that what makes this program worth trying is the fact that it helps you keep your balance and stay healthy even after losing a tremendous amount of weight. Unlike other weight loss systems that leave you unhealthy and unbalanced.

He says the program has helped both his father in law and wife lose the weight they needed while restoring their health.

What’s really unusual about this product is the claims that you can lose weight while exercising for only 2 minutes per day!

So is this true or not?
Keep on reading to find out.

How Does The Program Work?

How does the program help you lose weight

The program has a lot of claims, some of them are unusual or just for marketing purposes.

That’s why you need to figure out exactly how the program helps you lose weight, in order not to believe anything you hear.

The lean belly breakthrough program limits your body’s consumption of bad cholesterol. It offers you a variety of drinks and foods that all make sure your body is getting all the nutritional values it needs without unnecessary extra calories.

The program’s meal plans work to get rid of the built-up fats and toxins in your body. It detoxes your body and burns all the extra fats stored in your body as belly and side fats.

It also regulates blood sugar level, that’s useful for you if you’re experiencing type-2 diabetes. It also makes sure that you don’t get diabetes if you don’t have it. Your body always has a stable energy level on this diet.

Unlike other weight loss program, this one makes sure you stay active and focused through your days. You won’t suffer any kind of fatigue while following this diet, that’s for sure.

It also helps you manage your stress levels and stabilize your hormone levels so your quality of life is not affected.

What Can The Program Do for You?

  • You can lose 30+ pounds in 30 days without extreme exercising or weight loss supplements.
  • It helps you avoid the build-up of cholesterol from the very start.
  • The book gives you a variety of foods to choose from in your weight loss journey, the foods are chosen precisely to help regulate your hormones to make the process easier and faster.
  • It helps you develop a healthy lifestyle, weight loss activities become a routine rather than a temporary process.
  • It helps boost your metabolism to make the fats burning process faster.
  • It gives you an exercising method that helps you lose weight when you perform it for just 2 minutes per day!
  • It helps you lose the weight and fats you need without having to eat the tasteless diet food we’re all familiar with!
  • You can save the money you used to buy weight loss supplements, the book gives you affordable ways to lose weight.
  • It can help you avoid diabetic symptoms and avoid heart problems due to fat build up.

What we liked about Lean Belly Breakthrough

  • Trusted

Bruce has been a fitness instructor for more than 15 years, he worked with a lot of celebrities and gained results with them. So you don’t need to worry about the efficiency of the program. It’s different than other diet programs that are filled with false claims.

  • Suitable for everyone

The program is claimed to be for people aged 30 and older, but it was tried out by people in their late twenties and it worked perfectly fine.

  • Easier than ever

Well, the program claims that if you exercise for just 2 minutes per day, you’ll lose weight. There’s no easier than that! Users also claimed that the meals are delicious and easy to make, so you won’t have any issue following the diet and committing to it.

  • It’s made for long-term results

Most of the diet programs you follow are short-lived, you commit to it for a month? A year? No matter how long you follow it, you always bounce back to your original weight once you stop doing it.

Lean Belly Breakthrough is different, it’s designed to target the root of the problem. It offers you a variety of meals and exercise plans to follow that’ll give sustainable results.

  • Money-back guarantee

It happens that you buy something and then decide it’s just not for you. That’s why lean belly breakthrough program gives you a 60-day money-back guarantee! That speaks a lot about the confidence of the product.

What could have been better

  • Needs serious commitment

Those long term results won’t arrive wrapped in a glittery box for you! You need to work and work hard for it. The program is designed to be a lifestyle method, so you’ll need to follow it for a long time to achieve the desired results.

Do not believe the marketing ads that claim you’ll lose weight by drinking some kind of herb or taking some kind of weight loss supplement.

You want something? Work for it!

  • It’s no substitute for doctors or healthy food

Yes, the program claims you can lose weight by a following a certain exercising method, but that won’t work if you eat unhealthy food all day. And it won’t help you heal from a certain disease either, you still need to see doctors and eat healthy even while following the program.

  • It’s only offered as soft copy

The lean belly breakthrough program is only sold as a digital copy, you want a hard copy? Print it yourself.

It may bother old-fashioned people that the book is not sold in papers, but hey, it’s 2019 already!

  • Negative feedback from some consumers

I’ve dedicated a section below in this review to discuss the program’s customer reviews.

What The Package Includes

What you'll get

Although I can’t tell you exactly what you’ll find in the book, I can give you some hints!

  • A lot of info about belly fat health risks
  • List of foods that help burn stored belly fat.
  • List of foods that can trigger heart attacks
  • Exercising tips for other parts of your body rather than just your belly
  • A list of desserts that don’t affect your blood sugar levels
  • Useful information on how to deal with sleeping metabolism
  • Sheets that track your progress
  • Tips on how to burn fats faster
  • A full exercising plan and follow along videos.

The program itself includes 7 eBook manuals:

  • Main Manual (39 pages)
  • Tracking Sheets (4 pages)
  • Libido Boosting Foods (3 pages)
  • Fat Burning Desserts (10 pages)
  • Emergency Fat Loss Guide (8 pages)
  • Body Fat and Hormones (8 pages)
  • Recipes and Metabolism Boosting Meal Plan (21 pages)

There are also a few bonuses you can get:

  • Bonus #1: Emergency Fat Loss Guide
  • Bonus #2: Diabetes and Heart Disease Managing Recipes
  • Bonus #3: Artery Cleaning, Fat-Melting Herbs, Spices, and Minerals Guide
  • Bonus #4: Easy to Follow Heart Attack Prevention Guide
  • Bonus #5: Delicious Metabolism-Boosting Meal Plan
  • Bonus #6: Free 24/7 Online Support
  • Bonus #7: Detailed Instructional Videos
  • Bonus #8: Free Email Consultation
  • Bonus #9: Free Lifetime Updates

Lean Belly Breakthrough Reviews

The reputation of this program isn’t that stable, to be honest. You might get a bit of a hassle if you decide to check out the customer reviews. Some claim that this is the optimal program for weight loss and that it contains actionable and simple steps to follow, and others think that it’s so broad and general. So let me clear things up a little bit.

Let me tell you first that the negative reviews outnumber the positive ones. In fact, the number of unhappy customers is almost double the satisfied ones! Let that sink in. But, why? It’s all about expectations. Almost all unsatisfied consumers were expecting a quite in-depth diet program with detailed meal plans and step-by-step recipes, and that’s, unfortunately, not the case.

You’re probably thinking by now that I’m contradicting myself, I just mentioned earlier in this same review that there are recipes in the program! Well, there are some, but the program’s core isn’t about recipes nor meal plans. It actually contains a lot of facts that could be easily found on the internet.

Let me wrap this point up; if you’re looking for a complete program with in-depth meal plans then this program won’t fit you. This program would be perfect for those who’re seeking informative advice from a fitness professional but without going in-depth on recipes or meal plans. If you’re more into detailed fat burning recipes then you should definitely check out this book.

Lean Belly Breakthrough VS Fat Decimator System

The Fat Decimator System is also worth reading about, it’s an inclusive weight loss system that was designed for military men to preserve their health and energy throughout the process.

It’s a combination of diet hacks, meals, exercising plans that are created to give fast, sustainable results.

So what’s the difference between the two diet programs?

The Fat Decimator System

The Fat Decimator system as I said was designed for military men, so it’s meant to give fast results and build the muscles of the body. It’s also suitable for any age but it’s targeted for people aged 30 and older.
It was made to fight a state named Metabolic Acidosis that occurs to people aged 30 and 40 which makes it harder for them to lose weight.

Whereas Lean Belly Breakthrough is similar to it in the fact that it was made for people aged above 30, it’s designed for normal people who want a healthy, stable lifestyle, unlike military men.
It also targets the abdominal area of the body which is the hardest in burning fats.

If you have a hectic lifestyle which needs energy, muscles and strong health, Fat Decimator System may be good for you.
If you’re normal like most of us and are looking forward to losing weight and shape up, Lean Belly Breakthrough is a good choice.


Does Lean Belly Breakthrough help with boosting metabolism?

Of course, it does, in fact, it’s one of its main goals. It’s got a whole part on how to deal with sleeping metabolism. The variety of foods offered by the book all have one common factor which is boosting metabolism so you burn fats faster.

Does it really prevent dangerous diseases?
Healthy lifestyles, in general, protect you against unwanted diseases such as diabetes and heart problems. It’s not necessarily this program, but it does tell you how to avoid foods that cause heart attacks.
You can’t depend on it for that though, you still need to do your regular checkups and visits to the doctor.

How does the program work?
It depends on an exercising method that burns fats of the body, it’s supposed to work and show results within two weeks of following it.
It tells you what to eat and how to eat it to ensure results.

Who is it made for?
The main target for this book is people aged 30 and older, but it works perfectly fine for people younger. It’s just at its optimum with the metabolisms and body natures of people above 30.

The Verdict

Taking into account the negative reviews that this product has received, you should definitely think twice before buying it. On the other hand, a lot of its adopters claim that they’ve achieved some impressive results following this book.

If you’re looking for an easy way to lose weight with sustainable results, this may be the program for you, it takes less effort than to lose weight than other weight loss solutions. It targets areas of your body that are hard to reach on your own. Finally, you can always drop your thoughts about this controversial weight loss program in the comments section below. Also, tell us what was the last diet program that you’ve followed? And what was your experience trying it?

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