Sharny and Julius Review – Everything You Need to Know

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In today’s post, I’ll walk you through the ultimate Sharny and Julius review, so you can have a better idea about their programs and how they can benefit you.

With this guide, you’ll find everything you need to know about the Sharny and Julius programs, including:

  • A quick introduction to Sharny and Julius’s backgrounds and the programs they offer
  • General features of their programs, including the sign-up experience and payment methods
  • Some potential drawbacks
  • Deeper insight into their Strong Core and Pelvic Floor Program
  • A lot more

So whether you’re curious about their popular programs or you’ve been recommended to check them out by a friend, this article is an excellent place to start!

Let’s dive right in!

General Features of the Sharny and Julius Programs

Before heading into the details of the Sharny and Julius Strong Core and Pelvic Floor program, let’s have a quick look at some of the general features of their programs.

About Sharny and Julius

Sharny and Julius

Sharny and Julius Keiser are a married couple with 6 children that are both about 40 years old. Together, the couple has produced a wide variety of online fitness programs as well as 14 international best selling books about fitness and losing weight.

One thing you should know about them is that both Julius and Sharny used to be overweight at some point in their life.

They both researched and tried various ways to lose weight without intense effort and convert their lifestyle into a convenient and healthy one.

Signing Up

When you click to join a program, you’ll be redirected to a page where you have to enter some basic information, such as:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Credit card number
  • Create a password

After that, you’ll receive emails with all the information you’ll need to start your transformation program based on your gender, weight, age, and other aspects.

As you can see, signing up for the programs is fairly straightforward with no questionable information or having to mandatory give out personal information like a phone number or physical address.

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Privacy and Protection of Your Information

If you worry about your privacy, the website states in their privacy policy that they won’t share or sell your information to any unaffiliated third party without your approval.

Also, since you’re sharing your credit card information, you should know that the website uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates, which is an advanced system that encrypts and protects your payment information to protect them from hacking.

Unique Programs to Target Various Issues

Sharny and Julius offer 11 different programs to target various fitness aspects. This includes:

  • Fit, Healthy, Happy Mom
  • PregFit: A fitness and diet plans specifically designed for pregnant women
  • Strong Core and Pelvic Floor
  • FitDad: Helps father lose weight and stay fit at home using no equipment
  • IronDad: An advanced plan helps dads with little time available to gain muscles and lose weight in the gym without using steroids
  • FitMan and FitmWoman: a fitness and diet plan designed for a couple with no kids (uses no equipment and last for 15 minutes a day only)
  • FitMan and FitWoman for LGBTQ couples
  • Fertile: a fitness plan that helps in boosting the reproductive health for both men and women that’s rich with food that enhances fertility.

In addition to programs, they also offer a few ebooks with a total of 110 recipes to make your own version of healthy and delicious meals and junk food alternatives.


A lot of online fitness and diet programs will require you to pay anywhere from $20 to $100 a month or even more for subscribing to their content.

But when it comes to pricing, it’s one of Sharny and Julius’s best highlights. Almost all of their programs will cost you $47. However, this isn’t a monthly or even yearly fee, but a one-time-payment one!

In other words, for only $47, you’ll get lifetime access to all the content they offer in their programs as well as all the upgrades they add to it.

For example, they’ve recently added mobile apps, so you can keep up with your program on the go! You can pay using your credit card as well as online payment methods like PayPal too.

If you’re looking for an alternative program that is even better and won’t cost an arm and a leg, then the custom keto diet is the one for you at only $37!

Instant Access to their Support Facebook Group

One of the things that make Sharny and Julius Programs unique is that they also have a secret Facebook Group.

There, they communicate with their clients, provide excellent tips and helpful remarks as well as answer questions.

The group has over 35,000 members that post tons of helpful remarks with great positivity all-round!

Joining the group usually costs $20 a month. However, by signing to one of their programs, you’ll get a chance to join the secret support group for free forever!

Potential Drawbacks of Sharny and Julius Program

Despite all the merits of their programs, there are some points that some people may find as a drawback to Sharny and Julius Programs. Let’s have a look at them.

One thing you’ll notice right away while checking Sharny and Julius’ programs is that there’s no much information about the programs or what they contain. Yet, you should know that this is common for almost all online fitness programs.

However, there isn’t a lack of information about Sharny and Julius’s life, as the couple has a Youtube channel and a Facebook page carrying their names.

They both post vlogs, life updates, and even hours-long Q&A live sessions where you even get to see some of their clients and hear their transformation stories!

A Quick Insight into the Strong Core & Pelvic Floor Program

Now that you know more about Sharny and Julius’ programs, it’s time to have a quick look at their Strong Core & Pelvic Floor Program.

Helps With Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Pelvic floor dysfunction is a condition in which the pelvic floor muscles aren’t able to relax and coordinate efficiently with the bowel movements.

It often occurs to women after giving birth multiple times. The condition has a problematic symptom of causing women to have a sudden leakage in urine or even stool.

Unlike other programs offered by Sharny and Julius, this one isn’t a diet one. Instead, it’s a helpful guide to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles without using medications or equipment to fix that problem and prevent you from wetting yourself due to a weakened pelvic floor.

The program also helps in strengthening the core, which is one of the most important muscles in your body!

By following the online program you’ll enjoy a flatter stomach with a slimmer waist as well as reduce back pain from standing and carrying your kids around!

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Only 10 to 15 Minutes a Day

Another great part about this program is that it includes only 10 to 15 minutes of working out every day, which is excellent for busy parents and those who can’t afford enough time to lose weight.

The program is also free of equipment, so you can technically do it anywhere without worrying about not having all the necessary tools around!

The exercises and workouts are all explained in video forms and provide an 8-week plan to help you achieve your goals and have a dramatic transformation!

Extra Bonuses From Other Programs

In addition to all the benefits you’ll get for the Strong Core & Pelvic Floor program, you’ll also get diet plans and valuable nutrition tips from other programs they offer, which adds huge value to their price!

The plans include a wide variety of nutrition options, such as nourish diets, keto diets, vegan diets, so you can choose the one that suits your lifestyle and needs!


What do users think of the program?

Sharny and Julius programs are taking the world by storm right now, you can check out tons of testimonials from satisfied clients over their website as well as their support groups!

Do Sharny and Julius’ programs expire?

All programs provided by Sharny and Julius never expire or become unsupported, so you can do them at your own pace and based on your schedule.

Can I access the program on my phone?

Technically, you can access the programs on any modern phone browser. Not only that but as of 2020, they also created a mobile app for an even easier experience.

Wrap Up

There you have it. A complete Sharny and Julius review with everything you need to know about their programs, pricing as well as quick insight into their Strong Core and Pelvic Floor program.

One of the things I like about Sharny and Julius’s programs is that they don’t rush you into things.

Unlike other online programs that require you to renew your subscription monthly or yearly, this one is a one-time payment!

Not only that, but the programs are easy to follow and understand from people who used to suffer from the same issues.

While a lot of online fitness programs might not work for everyone, a lot of users’ testimonials from real-life clients swear that these programs work like a charm!

If you’re interested in trying Sharny and Julius programs, click here to find out more about the products they offer!

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