The 15 Best Weight Loss Drinks You MUST Try!

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We all know what the worst thing about dieting is.

Finding the proper food and drinks that are suitable for weight loss! And that, my friends, is not an easy thing to do.

Because it’s not only about finding the best weight loss drinks and foods, it’s also about their availability in your country, their taste, and their cost!

That’s I made you this list of 15 cheap weight loss drinks, they’re the best weight loss drinks that you’ll come across in your research, so check them out!

1- Ginger


Ginger is a popular spice that has been known since the old times as a herbal natural treatment for a lot of health conditions like nausea and cold.

Studies that were done later on proved that the popular tasty spice also has an amazing effect on weight loss processes, in fact, you can go as far as say it’s one of the best weight loss drinks.

A study that was done on rats showed that consuming ginger leads to obvious changes in the body, the most important ones are the improvement in cholesterol levels of the body which prevents the body from being hit by many diseases, and also a significant difference in the body weight compared to rats who didn’t consume ginger.

Another study on humans showed that ginger tea is a great tool for decreasing hunger and increasing calorie expenditure, so your body actually feels as if it is full when you consumed a little number of calories because men who drank ginger tea experienced less hunger than on days when they didn’t consume ginger.

The study showed another interesting fact, ginger tea increases the number of calories that get burned while the body digests the food.

So, safe to say drinking ginger tea regularly beside a diet plan, can have a great effect on your body and your health. It’s also included in the list of cheap weight loss drinks because of its affordability.

2- Green Tea

Green Tea

It’s a no-brainer that green tea helps in weight loss, it’s actually the most popular drink in the world concerning weight loss, although there are a lot of other drinks as you will see in this list, green tea is also one of the cheapest weight loss drinks available now.

Green tea is full of antioxidants and nutrients, so it’s considered one of the most healthy drinks that you can consume while trying to lose weight.

There are a lot of studies that were made to prove the health benefits of green tea, they all showed that people who drank green tea regularly while on diet lost up to 8 pounds more than those who did not consume green tea.

One study showed that women who drank matcha green tea, which is a type of green tea that is famous for weight loss, burned more calories during exercise than those who didn’t drink it.

This benefit of green tea is due to the high amount of catechins and antioxidants present in green tea, they encourage fat burning and metabolism boosting.

One other quality of green tea is that it contains a small amount of caffeine, which encourages weight loss by boosting your body’s metabolism and in order encouraging the body to exercise more than normal.

Green tea also helps regulate blood pressure levels and lower the risk of developing some diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes and some types of cancer. It’s safe to say green tea is one of the best weight loss drinks.

3- Coffee


Coffee is the most famous breakfast beverage in the world!

Because let’s be honest, can you really concentrate on getting anything done if you didn’t have a steaming cup of black coffee in the morning?

But, aside from that, coffee is considered one of the best weight loss drinks.

One reason is that it contains a lot of caffeine, what you may not know about caffeine is that it acts as a stimulant in the body as it boosts metabolism and gives the body an energy boost so it burns more fat.

Coffee also lowers your appetite, a study showed that people who drank coffee on a diet consumed fewer calories than those who did not.

An interesting benefit of coffee is that it helps the body maintain the weight loss, which means when you consume caffeine regularly while on diet, your body maintains your new weight for a long time, and when you stop dieting, it doesn’t start increasing right away.

4- Black tea

Black Tea

What makes black tea special among other tea types is that it goes under more exposure to air, oxidation in other words, than other types of tea so it has a strong flavor and a dark color. Like green tea, black tea contains compounds that may stimulate weight loss.

It contains a high content of polyphenols, which are a powerful kind of antioxidants that help reduce body weight, it includes a group of polyphenolic compounds that go by the name of flavonoids. Tea, in general, is one of the best weight loss drinks when used wisely.

How do they reduce body weight?

By reducing calorie intake! Drinking black tea helps to treat your hunger for a good amount of time, it also encourages the breaking down of fats and the growth of bacteria that are good for the stomach.

5- Vegetable Juices

Vegetable Juices

Just because fruit juices are not good for weight loss, doesn’t mean that vegetable juices are also bad for weight loss.

In fact, drinking vegetable juice while on diet can significantly increase the amount of weight you lose regularly. Speaking of the best weight loss shakes for women, vegetable juices would secure its place high on top of such list.

It makes you consume more vegetables than you regularly do, it also reduces the amount of your carbs intake, which are two important factors for losing weight.

Consuming more vegetables means getting more fibers into your body, fibers give you a full feeling so you don’t feel hungry as often as you do on regular days. So make sure not to blend the vegetable too much when making it into a juice, in order to avoid the loss of fibers that are the main element for weight loss.

6- Detox Water

Detox Water

It’s a no-brainer water is one of best weight loss drinks, but some people may get bored at the idea of drinking 12 glasses of plain water every day.

So, good news! You can add a little bit of fun to the plain water, adding sliced detoxifying fruits into your water will not only give it a bit of a taste, it will also encourage weight loss. Plus, it doesn’t cost anything except for a small amount of fruit, so it’s included in the cheap weight loss drinks category.

Some fruits have detoxifying properties, which means they get rid of the toxins in the body, so detox water is a very healthy drink regarding both your body health and your weight loss process.

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7- Cold Coffee Drinks

Iced Coffee

This may be the first time you hear this, but coffee does not only encourage weight loss when drank hot.

When coffee is brewed cold, the regular bitter taste of the coffee is no longer there, so you don’t add sugar which helps in dieting. Also cold drinks in general increase calories burning expenditure which makes your body burn fat while you’re in a resting condition.

But beware! That doesn’t mean that the regular iced coffee that you drink anywhere is good for weight loss, there’s a difference between the coffee that is brewed cold and the regular coffee that is added to ice or fridges.

When regular brewed coffee is added to ice, it loses a lot of its nutrients that encourage weight loss. So, when you want to drink cold coffee, make sure it’s brewed cold to assure that it would actually provide the benefits of weight loss shakes.

8- Chocolate Milk

Chocolate Milk

Surprising isn’t it?!

Chocolate is a favorite drink to children and adults. That’s why it’s happy news that it helps in weight loss.

Let me explain why a drink that’s considered sugary can aid in weight loss, chocolate milk is a combination of protein and carbohydrates, which means it boosts your energy AND helps your body build lean muscles that leads to weight loss later on, that’s why it’s one of the best weight loss drinks.

It’s one of the best weight loss shakes for women that you can drink after a workout due to the energy boost it gives the body. It’s also considered one of the cheap weight loss drinks due to its low cost.

9- Water


You may look at this and say, ‘Duh!’ because water is one of the best weight loss drinks, we all know that.

But it has been proven that increasing the amount of water you drink every day can be really beneficial to your weight loss process. It’s, in fact, one of the easiest ways to lose weight.

Why is that?

Drinking water 20-30 minutes before meals will trick your body into feeling full and so you will eat less than usual, meaning that your daily calorie intake will automatically decrease.

A study that was done on people who drank water before eating, showed that people who do this regularly lose 44% more weight than those who don’t!

Also if you care about what to drink to lose weight overnight, the only way to lose weight while resting is by increasing resting energy expenditure, drinking cold water is one way to do that, so you make sure you’re losing weight even when you’re not moving.

10- Organifi

Organifi Green Juice

Organifi green juice is a drink which consists of superfoods, it’s a dried drink mix that can be considered a detox.

The green powdered drink is USDA organic which is suitable for vegans or for people following a vegetarian diet. It’s also gluten and soy free. Almost all organifi products are.

How will it help you?

To be brief, Organifi green juice is said to help improve your mentality, boost your metabolism and give you an energy headstart, lower your stress level and improve your skin by detoxing the organs in your body, in order getting rid of any toxins in your body. It’s, in fact, one of the cheap weight loss drinks because of the discounts you can get from the site.

Check this Organifi Green Juice Review for all you need to know about the drink.

11- Red Tea detox

Red Tea

It may be your first time hearing about this, but you will wish you’ve heard about it a long time ago!

Red Tea Detox is one of the best weight loss drinks, it’s a new African discovery that causes significant weight loss in a matter of weeks!

It’s a red herbal tea that causes you to shed a lot of pounds when consumed regularly, plus a cleansing program that is designed specially to get rid of all the toxins in your body, it detoxifies your body in other words. It helps the body get rid of those extra pounds in a quick and a safe way.

And due to its cheap ingredients, it’s considered one of the cheapest weight loss drinks.

Check this Red Tea Detox Review for all the information you need to know about that amazing detoxifying drink or visit their official website.

12- Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is quite popular in China so you may have not heard of it before. The word Oolong stands for ‘Black Dragon’

But the Chinese beverage is one of the amazing cheap weight loss drinks.

Like green tea, it’s packed with catechins and antioxidants, so it promotes the process of losing weight by boosting the body’s ability to break down fats.

Regularly consuming this tea while on diet can encourage weight loss and make up for the cheating that you’ll most probably do while on diet!

13- Mint Tea

Mint Tea

Peppermint is literally the solution to any stomach related problem!

Are you suffering a bloated stomach? Is your colon causing you discomfort? Go for peppermint tea!

Mint tea is not only useful when you’re sick, it’s also one of the best weight loss drinks that you can consume alongside your diet.

An interesting fact: Some smells can trigger hunger in your body, others can cause you to lose your appetite like minty smell does.

An example of smells that trigger hunger is Cinnamon, which takes only a smell for you to start craving a Cinnabon!

Mint tea also boosts your metabolism which means more calories lost while you’re resting.

Adding a drop of mint to any drink is a great tip for weight loss, it will make you feel less hunger.

14- Rooibos Tea

Rooibos Tea

A weird word isn’t it?

That doesn’t mean this tea isn’t good for weight loss, in fact, it’s one of the best weight loss drinks.

Rooibos tea is made from the leaves of the “red bush” plant, which is grown exclusively in the small Cederberg region of South Africa, near Cape Town.

The reason that makes Rooibos tea particularly good for your belly is that it contains a unique and powerful flavonoid called Aspalathin.

A lot of studies showed that this compound can reduce stress hormones that trigger hunger and fat storage, they are also linked to hypertension, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance, and type 2 diabetes.

15- Ginger and Lemon Cleanser

Ginger and Lemon Cleanser

As mentioned before, ginger is a very good nutrient for weight loss. When Added to lemon and a bit of cumin, its benefit doubles up!

Ginger is considered one of the best weight loss drinks, it has a good content of an active compound called gingerol that helps to prevent many gut health conditions such as gastritis, diarrhea, stomach upset, irritable bowel syndrome and also helps to relieve joint pain and migraine.

Lemon is vegetable that is most famous for its rich content in vitamin C, it has antioxidant activity, boosts immunity, regulates satiety and body weight.

Cumin has been proved to have antidiabetic, antioxidant, antimicrobial, anticarcinogenic, and diuretic properties. Therefore it not only keeps your gut problems away but also helps in weight loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is intermittent fasting a good idea for weight loss?

Intermittent fasting is, in fact, one of the most popular ways of weight loss, it’s considered one of the best weight loss solutions in 2018. It mainly depends on drinks because that’s all you’re allowed to consume for a large period of time.

So make sure to only consume the best weight loss shakes, so you get the energy you need. When done wrong, fasting can cause muscle loss and unhealthy weight loss. So, go over those drinks on the list again to make sure you have them memorized.

All of them are the best weight loss drinks that you can ever find, they’re very good for fasting because of their health benefits that I’ve mentioned.

Are sugary drinks bad for dieting?

Yes, in fact, sugary drinks are not good to have while on diet.

Most people consume too many sugars on average which makes it one of the worst ingredients in any diet.

Consuming too much sugar is directly associated with obesity and diabetes and some heart diseases, that’s how bad it is.

So, if you want to lose weight, you’re not only advised to get away from sugary drinks but also try not to add any sugar to any beverage you’re drinking in general. One teaspoon will suffice.

Are Smoothies good for weight loss?

Well, that’s a trick questions. Smoothies can be good for weight loss when they’re made in the right way. In fact, they can be considered one of cheap weight loss drinks due to its low cost.

‘Is there a right way to make smoothies?’

That must be the question that came to your mind right now!

The answer is YES, there is.

The thing about smoothies is that you need to make sure the fibers in the fruits are not all lost because they’re the main element in fruits that cause weight loss.

So you need to use specific ingredients for smoothies that encourage weight loss.

Hint: There’s a book called Metabolic Cooking that has recipes of your favorite foods cooked in a way the encourages weight loss, it also has recipes for weight loss smoothies! Check this Metabolic Cooking Review to find out all you need to know about the book.

Is diet soda a good solution for weight loss?


You must have seen that answer coming.

Diet soda is loaded with sugar and calories that are unnecessary for the body. Plus it doesn’t even fill you up or make your hunger go away, in fact, it makes you more hungry than you originally were. You may think it’s one of the cheap weight loss drinks because of its low cost, but it’s a lot worse than that.

Drinking diet soda alongside your meals will double up your calories, so it’s not really worth drinking it. They’re not the best weight loss shakes that you can have while on diet.

Are sports drinks beneficial for working out?

Well, the thing about sports drinks is that people consume them when they are really not necessary at all.

They are made for hardcore athletes who exercise for a long period of time, so rehydrating and consuming a source of carbohydrates is important for them to keep going.

However, if you are an average gym trainer, a little bit of water will be enough for you to hydrate and have an energy boost.

That being said, sports drinks are not really the best weight loss shakes for women, they often have a high content of sugar, which is known to be a major cause of obesity. They’re not the best weight loss drinks to have while on diet.


Best Weight Loss Drinks

Now that you know the best weight loss shakes that you can have while on diet, losing weight shouldn’t be too hard now! Take those tips for extra weight loss information:

If money is an issue, finding cheap weight loss drinks isn’t that hard, you can always make them at home.

You should know that drinking these beverages alone is not going to give you the weight loss results you want, but accompanying them with your diet is going to have a great effect on your body.

Losing weight when you’re resting or sleeping is the most important while on a diet because you lose weight without making any effort, and now you know what to drink to lose weight overnight.

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