Are weight loss patches effective?

Slim Patch – The Comprehensive Guide for 2019

People’s desperation to lose weight and look fit has led to the emergence of many new weight loss methods; and due to the casual case of difficulty for obese people to exercise, the methods are inching from being physical to being chemical. Introducing slim patches (aka weight loss patches), which might be one of 2019’s fastest weight loss methods, and might also turn out to be a scam! Read on for an in-depth analysis of this controversial weight loss solution.

The old usual diet is just losing its popularity due to the long time it takes to show any results, although it’s much more effective and efficient, it’s also safer than some infamous methods that people assume work just fine.

Some new alternatives are even still under research but people have no problem trying them if they see rapid results, completely ignoring the effect those alternatives are going to have on their overall health.

Slim patches are one of the most famous alternatives for a diet right now, they went viral due to their simple procedure, as they take very little effort to work. The only downside to using them is that, scientifically, it hasn’t been proven that they really cause significant weight loss.

It worked with some people just fine, but other people who tried them reported not seeing any effect at all.

If you haven’t tried them yet and you want to know what all the fuss is about, this is the right article for you!

What Is a Weight Loss Patch?

What are weight loss patches and how do they work

A slim patch is simply an advanced band-aid, you probably got it from the name, the only difference is that they are made to help you lose weight, mainly by reducing your appetite and your cravings, along with boosting your body’s metabolism thus increasing the rate at which your body fat is burnt. Another common name for it is diet patch and weight loss patch.

Asking yourself what those magical patches are made of?!

Well, let me tell you, they are made of purely natural ingredients mixed together with special plant extracts, like garcinia, for example, if you’ve ever heard of it.

Those patches are based on the idea of bypassing your digestion system while the extracts get absorbed through your skin and directly into your body.

Too medical for you? Let me make it easier!

This simple band-aid you stick on your stomach lets the extracts go into your body, preventing it from absorbing carbs that get stored in your body.

So you’re basically losing weight without doing any effort! Nice, isn’t it?

If you can’t find slim patches in your local stores, you will find lots and lots of brands sold online. They can be helpful if you’re planning to lose weight at a rapid rate for an upcoming event or so, as they stop your body from absorbing carbs, and there is a famous claim that they don’t have any side effects, but keep on reading to see what I’ve got on this claim!

How are those patches used? They should be applied to your skin once a day, the herbal ingredients they contain enter your body through the skin and are released over the 24 hours of the day. If you’re curious about the ingredients they contain, here are a few:

  • Fucus vesiculosus
  • Green-tea extract
  • guarana
  • zinc citrate
  • 5-HTP
  • flaxseed oil
  • Yerba mate
  • RX blend
  • Fucus Vesiculosus

This is a natural sea plant that has been famous for centuries for the treatment of a lot of inconveniences. It became famous again recently for helping in the process of losing weight as it has been used by both conventional practitioners and herbalists for this reason.

  • Guarana

This is a natural plant ingredient that is very famously used for treating stress and as a stimulant. It has been proved that Guarana helps in fighting anxiety, improving mental awareness, and building physical endurance. Lately, it became famous for its ability to suppress appetite and boost the burning of body fats, so it’s a very important component of Slim Weight patches

  • 5-HTP

If there’s anything common between obese people, it’s the uncontrolled cravings of carbohydrates that eventually leads to binge eating. The main reason for this is the low levels of tryptophan and serotonin. Luckily, this can be prevented by 5-HTP, hence helping them lose weight. Studies have revealed that this component helped in decreasing food intake and fair results in weight loss in many overweight individuals.

  • Yerba Mate
Yerba Mate in weight loss patches

This is a member of the holly family and has been used for a long time in weight loss tablets because of its many healthy properties. It became fairly famous for containing all the necessary vitamins for our bodies.

  • Fat Burning RX Blend

Those patches also include a strong mix of important fat burning components. This resulted in it going viral in the market. Slim Weight Patches also include a strong blend of great fat burning ingredients that makes it outstanding in the market. The fat burning components include Flaxseed Oil, Lecithin, and Zinc Citrate.

Need some alternatives? Here are 3 of our favorite weight loss methods for this year:

How to Use Weight Loss Patches?

How to use slim patches

Using slim patches should be fairly easy, it requires you to do just a few simple steps and you are all set to go:

  1. Wipe the skin area around your navel with a warm towel to clean it.
  2. Get your Slim Patch, unpackage it and remove the paper covering it.
  3. Stick the patch on your navel directly.
  4. Keep the patch on your body for a whole day (24 hrs).
  5. For better results, apply the patch right before you go to bed.
  6. After the 24 hours are over, remove the patch.
  7. Clean your skin after removing the patch by warm water. This is an important step so you don’t feel much discomfort on your skin.
  8. Do those steps for 30 days straight.
  9. If you are overweight, your better use those patches for 90 days for more efficient results.

How Do They Affect Your Body?

The patch has a Nanomagnet in the center of it that emits magnetic waves, long enough to pass through the skin at about 8-12 cm. Those waves have the ability to do messages similar to those of meridian therapy.

You could say they work in the same principle as Acupuncture Treatment. They magnetize the blood system resulting in efficiently promoting blood cells and platelets to depolymerize, hence causing the order to extra-cellular ions and non-ionic substances to improve.

Getting too complex, are we?

When the patch is put directly on your skin, it will improve the release of nutrients and negative oxygen ions accumulated in your body.

The main reason that this product is effective and sells so much is its ability to block the absorption of oils and carbohydrates, thus balancing your appetite and preventing cravings. It also removes some toxins from your body.

Starting to understand?

As the waves mentioned before penetrates your skin, the natural ingredients in it get absorbed through the skin and directly to your circulation system through the navel area.

If you’ve tried weight loss pills before you might want to know the difference in effects between them and Slim Patches. Well, using the patches is much more effective in slimming than the pills because it bypasses the digestive system.

You should understand the whole process by now!

You’re probably asking yourself by now why the patch is put on the navel in specific, and the answer is very simple; The navel has the thinnest wall on the body, and it has no fat tissues under, so it’s more affected by external stimulation than any other part of your body.

The absorbance of the natural ingredients of the patches through the navel skin is a very fast way to deliver the effect to your circulation system.

Are They Really Effective?

Will they help you lose weight

Although not significant, there has been some weak evidence backed up by studies that show some unimpressive results from the natural ingredients of the patches like guarana.

It’s no secret that those ingredients help you lose weight and reduce your appetite, but there is absolutely no proof that they are efficiently entering your body through the patches. This is mainly because any substance needs to have very low molecular weight (Which means they should be very small) to enter the skin effectively, not to mention that they also need to be fat soluble.

In a lot of cases, there hasn’t been a lot of proof that slimming patches are effective. This is mainly because those products are sold as dietary supplements, and dietary supplements aren’t required to be as effective as prescription medications or so, thus they don’t undergo testing by the Food and Drug Administration to prove they are actually effective.

Don’t lose hope! There is evidence, although little, that the weight loss patches work. Keep on reading to see what the slim patch users had to say about the results!

Slim Patch Side Effects

As much as the weight loss patches are useful and effective, there isn’t any weight loss method that has no side effects. Hormonal disturbances and sugar cravings should tell you that!

They are not all side effects but check the following list to know what you’re getting yourself into by buying slim patches.

  • Side Effects Are Not Fully Discovered

The reason why the exact side effects of slim patches are not yet discovered is the fact that the FDA cannot regulate dietary supplements like other drugs, that means that they’re regulated differently than prescription medications or OTC so they don’t have to meet the same safety standards. Some of them are not even tested for safety.

Also, the fact that ingredients vary from one patch brand to another makes it even harder to asses all the effects it has on your body.

  • There Are Some Unknown Ingredients in There!

As I said before, some of the slim patches aren’t tested for safety, this results in many unknown facts about the product, including the ingredients of the patch.

One fact that was found by the FDA is that some dietary supplements, which are used for weight loss, sometimes contain prescription drug ingredients which could be very dangerous for you if you’re on other medications.

  • Rash and Irritable Skin

One of the issues reported by the customers is rash around the area where they used slim patches, and sometimes it’s just redness. It varies from one person to another, the best thing to do before using the slim patches is contacting your dermatologist to be aware of any skin allergy you may have.

  • Some Ingredients Are Unsafe

The fact that there are some unknown ingredients in the weight loss patches doesn’t mean that you don’t know anything about what it consists of.

Nope, there are some ingredients that are pretty famous and you know about them, but even those can be unsafe. Although most brands claim their ingredients are completely natural and all come from plants, but even that doesn’t mean that they’re safe.

In fact, one ingredient in the weight loss patches is Guarana, which is a berry from South America that is known for its ability to help with weight loss. But it does have some side effects such as increasing the heart rate and causing abnormal heartbeat rhythms.

Another ingredient that is completely natural is ephedra. It was widely used in weight loss products until being banned in 2004 by the FDA as it was found that it can cause some serious health risks, such as heart attacks and strokes.

It actually worked for some people!

Don’t give up! Any weight loss method has its pros and its cons, you just need to be aware of them in order to make the right decision.

There are some people who tried the Slim Patches and reported their experience. A woman wrote that she used it right after she measured her waist, which was 35 inches by then, then she wore the patch for 12 hours forgetting it was on her skin because of how comfortable it was, although she said she felt a heating sensation 2 hours after she put it on. She measured her waist again after removing it and her waist had already decreased 1 inch, stopping to be 34 inches.

Another case noted it was not that effective, as she has gone through a total of 2 patches out of 8, and didn’t notice any significant difference. Although she noted it was very comfortable and didn’t leave any sticky material on the skin after removal.

So you can say it works on some people not all of them. Based on what? That’s what we don’t know yet!

We hope slim patches get more attention and get experimented to get a final answer out!


Infographic summarizing what slim patches are and some of their significant pros and cons

People are always looking for less effort and more effect when it comes to weight loss, and slim patches may provide just that for them.

It may be a new way to lose weight, but it gained popularity pretty fast because of its simple application.

But simplicity isn’t always good, as some people reported very minor or zero effect on their weight as a result of using slim patches.

You may be looking for an easy way out, but this easy way should be at least a little effective, so you have the motivation to continue with your long-term weight loss process.

Most professionals nowadays recommend the usual healthy diet with some exercises to lose weight, as opposed to prescription medications that doctors give to obese individuals along with dietary supplements. They may be effective in the short-term, but if you want to lose weight and never look back, then probably this isn’t your best choice.

I’d love to know your thoughts about this controversial weight-loss method, have you ever tried it or thought about trying it? Feel free to tell us in the comments section below.

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    • Hi Aisha,

      Unfortunately, the using time for most slim patches shouldn’t exceed 10 hours. Not all patches share the same using time though, make sure to read the product label or description before buying to know its optimal using time.

      Good luck!

  1. I tried them for one week and by then I had a few sores and I was all read surrounding my navel.
    I am not stuck with a box of 50 that I did not open and the remaining of my box of 30. so probably about 75 total. what a waste of money.

    • Hey Suzanne,

      So sorry to hear this! This might be a result of an allergy, you should see your doctor to make sure that it’s not.


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