Zipfizz vs. Liquid I.V: Secrets Revealed [Full Comparison]

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What do a fitness enthusiast, a busy parent, and a college student studying for the finals have in common? Well, they might all be fans of energy drinks.

It’s true; sometimes we all need that energy boost to help us get through our day, and energy drinks can provide that. But they are also notorious for a lot of harmful side effects.

No wonder we’re looking for healthier options, something that could give us that energetic hydration with fewer side effects. In this article, we will be comparing two famous alternatives, Zipfizz vs. Liquid I.V., so that you can determine your favorite!

Zipfizz vs. Liquid I.V. Overview

Zipfizz and Liquid I.V. have a lot in common, including their ingredients. Both contain naturally sourced caffeine, vitamins, electrolytes, and antioxidants. Yet, while Liquid I.V. comes in seven different flavors, Zipfizz has 14!

Liquid I.V., however, uses unique Cellular Transport Technology and has different product versions for sleep, immunity, energy, and digestive health.

Both brands are available in packs, with Zipfizz being more affordable. Still, Liquid I.V. has better customization features.

ImageProductDetails  Price
ZipfizzZipfizzBetter Variety in FlavorsCheck Price
Liquid IVLiquid I.VMore Product Versions with different usesCheck Price

The Full Comparison

When comparing both drinks, we’ll discuss three aspects.

First, we’ll go through the ingredients that give each drink its unique properties. Then we’re going to go through any precautions that you need to be aware of. Finally, we’ll give you some insight into their prices and availability.


Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier - Lemon Lime - Hydration Powder Packets | Electrolyte Drink Mix | Easy Open Single-Serving Stick | Non-GMO | 16 Sticks

Both Zipfizz and Liquid I.V. are powder blends. You use them by mixing them with the right amount of water, and Voila, you have an energy drink! Very handy for gym-goers, time in the office, or on the go.

For their energy boost, they use natural caffeine extracted from green tea and augmented with vitamin B12. This keeps the amount of caffeine included equal to roughly one cup of coffee.

Plus, both substitute sugar with stevia leaf extract, meaning they give you that sweet taste but without any calories.

To elaborate, they can provide an energy boost that can last up to six hours without the sugar “crash.”

Loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, they hold a promise of delaying aging effects and boosting your immunity. However, Liquid I.V. has a mix totally dedicated to immunity.

These powder blends also contain sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. These are necessary electrolytes that your body naturally loses through sweating, making them especially useful for athletes or people living in hot areas.

To put your mind at ease, both of these drinks are dairy, soy, and gluten-free. They don’t have any genetically modified components either.

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You also never have to worry about finding the right flavor since Liquid I.V. comes in seven different flavors, while Zipfizz steals the show with a whopping 14 flavors!

Two major points have to be given to Liquid I.V., though. The first is because it uses a science-based method to deliver its nutrients faster into the body. This technology is called Cellular Transport Technology.

The second is that Liquid I.V. has unique blends to boost immunity, help you sleep better, make you feel energized, and improve digestive health. Each of these blends has unique components to achieve its desired purpose.

You can match your Liquid I.V. energy drink to suit your needs, which is very innovative in our humble opinion.


Zipfizz Healthy Energy Drink Mix, Hydration with B12 and Multi Vitamins, Variety Pack, 30 Count, 0.38 Ounce (Pack of 30)

Zipfizz contains large amounts of citric acid, and too much exposure to citric acid can cause the enamel of your teeth to wear.

In addition, one serving of Zipfizz contains around 41% of your daily needed intake of vitamin B12. While that’s great at regulating your energy levels, too much of it can cause dizziness, coordination issues, and in extreme cases, vomiting.

Another vitamin that’s also present in excess is vitamin B6, with each serving containing twice the needed daily amount for your body. While vitamins are very water-soluble, consuming too much Zipfizz can result in pain or numbness in the limbs.

Regarding Liquid I.V., its Hydration Mix contains large amounts of sodium (salt) and glucose (sugar). So, if you have high blood pressure or suffer from diabetes, you’ll have to be careful about your daily intake. One serving of the hydration mix contains roughly one-quarter of your daily needs of sodium.

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Both Liquid’s Energy Multiplier and Zipfizz have 100mg of caffeine, roughly the same amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee. Your daily intake should never exceed 400mg. Otherwise, you put yourself at risk of nausea, headaches, and vomiting.

Let’s not forget that excessive use of the Sleep Multiplier can cause nausea, headaches, dizziness, and sleepiness, so beware. That’s because it contains melatonin, the hormone responsible for regulating your wake and sleep cycles.

While you may think that increasing your intake of the Immune Blend might be a good idea, especially in the wake of a raging global pandemic, the zinc present might interfere with the absorption of other minerals. It’s best to consume it in moderation.


Both Zipfizz and Liquid I.V. are sold in packs or bundles containing 20 or more sticks.

Zipfizz is generally sold in packs of 30 with three flavors included. It’s more affordable than Liquid I.V., but not by a large margin. Liquid I.V., however, gives you the option to customize bundles right from their website. Utility or price, that’s up to you.

Both drinks can be ordered through their websites; you can also get them through Amazon, Costco, or Walmart.

Final Words

Zipfizz vs. Liquid I.V., who wins?

We think it all boils down to your individual needs and preferences. Maybe you really need that Sleep Multiplier or love that berry flavor in Zipfizz.

Both Zipfizz and Liquid I.V. seem quite remarkable. They were able to provide a lot of value compared to traditional energy drinks with much lesser risks.

Barring specific health conditions and excessive use, we think they would be great choices for your energy and hydration needs. Still, to be extra safe, we recommend getting in touch with your doctor about the specifics of using them.

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