What Sweetener Does Crystal Light Use?

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Crystal Light is one of my go-to beverage mixes whenever I feel like adding some healthy flavor to my water. Yet, I always wondered if their sweetener is as healthy as they make it seem or not. So, naturally, I did some digging!

If you’re curious about what enters your body, I’ll be sharing all the data I gathered while posing the single question: “What sweetener does Crystal Light use?”

Let’s dive right into it!

What Sweetener Does Crystal Light Use?

The main artificial sweetener that Crystal Lights uses is Aspartame. This sweetener is generally safe for most people, including children, people with diabetes, and pregnant women.

That said, the continuous use of Aspartame is considered a controversial subject. I’ll share with you all the facts about Crystal Light and its sweetener, and the choice of its consumption will be yours to make.

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Is Crystal Light’s Sweetener Safe?

Aspartame is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to sweeten cold beverages, but it’s not to be used in baking or any other high-temperature process.

However, there are no long-term studies that prove Aspartame to be risk-free when consumed regularly. Generally speaking, artificial sweeteners such as Aspartame aren’t recommended for long-term consumption because they can cause headaches and trigger depressive symptoms.

Sweeteners are also not proven to aid with weight loss. In fact, they may condition you to crave sweet things.

So, we can consider Crystal Light to be a low-calorie beverage that we can enjoy but not look at it as a beverage that would help keep our bodies healthy.

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What Other Sweeteners Does Crystal Light Use?

Besides Aspartame, Crystal Light also uses Sucralose in some of its products.

Sucralose was once considered a safe alternative to sugar, but newer studies proved that it’s not truly safe to consume.

Some reasons why you should stay away from a high intake of Sucralose include:

  1. It can cause diabetes
  2. It can cause digestive problems
  3. It can trigger allergies
  4. It can increase inflammation

So, no matter how good any drink might taste, I’d stay clear of it if I found Sucralose on its list of ingredients.

Are Artificial Colors in Crystal Light Safe?

Besides sweeteners, another ingredient that can cause controversy is artificial colors. While the FDA has also given the green light for artificial colors, they still are red flags for some people.

For instance, food coloring can cause allergic reactions in some people. They can also raise the risk of your children developing attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

What’s more, it can result in behavioral changes in children and teenagers, such as depression and irritability if used for a long while. This means that their existence in your food and drinks is okay, but only to a certain extent.

Is Crystal Light Healthy?

Crystal Light is generally considered safe to consume, but is it healthy for us?

Well, with all the artificial colors and flavors, it’s not right to say that it’s totally healthy. However, you can try Crystal Light Pure if you’re looking for a healthier option.

Instead of artificial colors, Crystal Light Pure uses black carrot extract and turmeric. And instead of artificial sweeteners like Aspartame and Sucralose, it uses cane sugar, stevia, and dried corn syrup.

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Clearly, Crystal Light Pure contains more nutrients than standard Crystal Light, and it’s safer for your body. The main downside is that it will affect your calorie intake due to its use of sugar.

Personally, I’d rather consume a few calories of sugar in order to drink a healthier beverage than consume almost no calories while drinking a beverage that might have a negative impact on my body.

When Is It Advised to Drink Crystal Light?

Besides some of the negatives in the ingredients, drinking Crystal Light can sometimes be quite beneficial and even advisable!

Let’s take a look at some situations in which drinking Crystal Light would be a good idea.

During Pregnancy

Pregnant Woman

It’s advisable to always stay hydrated during pregnancy. So, if you’re not used to drinking water frequently due to its plain nature, Crystal Light can help make it more appealing.

If you’re afraid for the baby’s health, a couple of Crystal Lights each week should be safe for you and will make sure your baby is not affected at all by the beverage’s ingredients.


If you’re craving a soft drink while on a diet, a Crystal Light or two will help satisfy your sweet tooth without the ton of calories found in most soft drinks.

Crystal Light is keto-approved as it contains zero carbohydrates and won’t ruin your diet. It’s also approved in the fasting diet, as it doesn’t break your fast with any calories.

What could be a challenge here is trying your best not to be taken away by its sweetness and avoiding going for other sweet foods afterward.

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Avoiding Kidney Diseases

It’s odd, but it’s true! Crystal Light helps increase the pH level in the urine, which, in turn, decreases the chances of getting kidney stones.

Some doctors even suggest drinking Crystal Light Lemonade as it has a large amount of citrate that helps with kidney stones more than any diet lemon-lime soda.

When to Avoid Crystal Light?

Although this beverage is mostly safe to drink every once in a while, experts urge you to cut it out of your diet in particular cases:

  1. If you struggle with a sleeping disorder
  2. If you have an anxiety disorder
  3. If you have ADHD
  4. If you take neuroleptics
Woman taking a pill

Alternatives to Crystal Light

If you like the idea of a flavored beverage that keeps you hydrated and contain low to zero calories but are unsure of consuming Crystal Light’s products, try these alternatives:

  1. Flavored water
  2. Coconut water
  3. Sparkling water

That said, plain water as an alternative is much healthier. After all, drinking plain water is totally risk-free, unlike most alternatives.

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