21 Day Fix vs t25: Head-to-Head Comparison (2021)

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I’ve tried many times to be a regular visitor at the gym, but I never made it past a couple of months. It always starts with a few missed workouts and then ends in complete abandonment.

I decided to try home workout programs, which are a great choice for people with a hectic schedule. It is also proven that home workouts can be just as effective as working out in a gym with fancy equipment.

The 21 day fix vs t25 is a comparison between 2 of the most popular workout programs that many at-home athletes discuss.

21 Day Fix vs t25 Overview

If you’re looking to get fit starting from a couch-potato level, the 21-day fix would be a great option. The container system makes meal preparation really fun. The t25 is more suitable if you have some history with fitness and want a push forward to take you to the next level.

21 Day Fix vs t25 Breakdown and Comparison

Many aspects make a workout program suitable for you. I’m going to dissect each of these aspects for both programs, comparing them head-to-head.

Product Description

The 21 Day Fix

21 Day Fix trainer

The 21-day fix is a complete weight loss and strength program targeted at newbies. It promises fast and noticeable results after the first 3 weeks. The workout duration is 30-minutes and the package provides you with color-coded containers to aid you with calorie counting.

The program is provided by Beachbody, a company that has established itself strongly in the health and fitness industry.

The videos include a modifier, who’s a person that undergoes the workout in a less intense form. This is helpful for complete beginners that need a lighter version of the workout. The program is done in cycles of 21 days until you can easily do all the workouts, at which point, you’re recommended to move to the more advanced version, the 21 Day Fix Extreme.

The fact that the program promises noticeable results in just 3 weeks can be encouraging, however, focusing on short-term results may cause relapses, instead, you should focus on long-term lifestyle changes.

  • Workout duration is short, only 30-minutes
  • Comes with plastic containers for nutrition planning
  • Has a dedicated modifier
  • Focuses on short-term results

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Focus t25

Focus t25 trainer

The t25 is a HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) program to be done over 10 weeks. It may be perfect for you if you have some experience with fitness. The workouts are just 25 minutes each, but will surely make you sweat your guts out.

The program is divided into two phases; the alpha phase and the beta phase. There’s also an optional gamma phase which is more advanced. Each phase is meant to be done in 5 weeks, and you’re supposed to repeat each cycle until your body gets completely used to it.

Shaun T gives tips on how to make the workouts easier if you’re a beginner. This program lacks a specific nutrition plan, however, you’re provided with a recipe booklet that has multiple great options for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  • Workout duration is super short, only 25 minutes
  • Program done over a long-term period of 10-weeks
  • Provides a 5-minute-prep recipe booklet
  • May not be perfectly suitable for beginners
  • No specific meal plan is provided

Program Features

This is what you get in the package when you purchase each program.

The 21 Day Fix

The 21-day fix package includes the following:

  1. Two DVDs that have six different exercises designed to maximize fat loss
  2. A set of colored containers that will help you pack your meals and control your portions.
  3. The 21-day workout guide and tally sheets
  4. The workout calendar
  5. A list of food that you can fill your containers with
  6. The 21-day nutrition plan
  7. The 21-day nutrition plan (vegan friendly)
  8. A 3-day quick fix for dropping weight quickly

Focus t25

While the t25 package includes the following:

  1. 10 DVDs that have 10 different exercises to be done over the alpha and beta phases.
  2. A daily journal
  3. A Nutrition guide
  4. A Workout calendar

The Takeaway

The 21 fix set is more well-rounded. It will provide you with a complete lifestyle change if you’re looking to have your diet and exercise under strict control as it specifically tackles and tracks both aspects. The color containers are super encouraging and effective for portion control. The t25 package includes fewer items, but they’re to be used over the longer period of the program.

Program Quality

Quality is the standard that the programs hold themselves to. This is decided by the level of the instructors and the reviews of the previous consumers.

The 21 Day Fix

The plan is created by Autumn Calabrese, the most viewed “Super trainer” on Beachbody with over 140 million views. This workout and nutrition plan is the most popular on Beachbody.

Being such a popular program is due to the positive reviews. Countless people who underwent the plan have posted their progress photos online. There are many remarkable results within the 21 day period.

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Focus t25

It is also provided by Beachbody, and the instructor is Shaun T, a popular fitness trainer who created programs like Insanity. He is also a motivational speaker, which, coupled with his charisma, will keep you fired-up for the entire session.

The program has been praised by Pete McCall, an ACE-certified personal trainer who’s the host of the podcast “All About Fitness”. It has also received massively positive reviews on online fitness forums and is usually talked about as a great gateway to “Insanity”.

The takeaway

The t25 is a higher quality program. The instructor has a broader experience and a super likable character. Also, the workout itself is more challenging and science-based.

Program Flexibility

Modifying a workout program is essential. Certainly, not all people will be able to start the same workout at the same level. Therefore, both programs have incorporated ways to modify the workouts.

The 21 Day Fix

For the 21 day fix, every three weeks are considered a round. You should keep undergoing the program until your body plateaus and then move on to the 21-day fix extreme program, which is a more advanced version.

The program provides a modifier, which is a person in the workout video that performs the entire workout session less intensely. This is where you should start if you are a complete newbie to the workout. Most workout videos exclusively show fit individuals, which can discourage you if you’re taking your first steps.

As time passes, you will find that this workout will get easier, and that’s when you should start following Autumn Calabrese instead, who is the designer of the program and the instructor in all the videos.

After that gets easier, you’re pretty much done with the workout now and should consider moving to the more advanced 21-day fix extreme program.

Focus t25

The t25 program is divided into two phases, the alpha phase, and the beta phase. Each one of them is a 5-week program. You can modify the workouts to be less intense by taking longer breaks during the sessions, and by following the recommendations of Shaun T on how to make an exercise easier.

If you modify all the exercises in the Alpha phase, you should do another round of Alpha before moving on to Beta. Once your body is used to it, move on to the beta phase and keep doing it for several rounds as well. Once that gets old, you might consider doing the gamma phase, which is the advanced version of this workout.

The Takeaway

The 21-day fix definitely wins here as it is targeted at beginners. A dedicated modifier is a great motivation if you’re a complete newbie. The t25 is targeted at medium-level individuals, and Shaun T’s attempt at modifying isn’t bad but is nowhere near as accommodating as Autumn’s.

The Workout

The workouts of both programs

The physical workout itself is the heart of these programs. You may be interested in the number of rest days, how each workout is split, and how much freedom you have when choosing the workout for the day.

The 21 Day Fix

For the 21 day fix, the workout is made up of seven 30 minute exercises, to be done daily. The program provides a balanced mix of weight training, cardio, yoga, and pilates.

It also includes two days of active rest, which are routines to help your body become stronger even during recovery. The exercises are:

  1. Upper fix: focused on the upper body
  2. Lower fix: focused on the lower body
  3. Yoga fix: a workout that helps your muscles stretch and recover
  4. Pilates fix: an active rest routine that is focused on the abdominals and thighs

Besides, there are four other cardiovascular exercises and one short ab workout.

It’s recommended that you do the first five workouts for the first five days of each week, and do the sixth and seventh ones on your two rest days.

The eighth and ninth exercises are extra ones that can be added or swapped with the previous two. Make sure you mix things up during your week to help keep things interesting for your muscles!

Focus t25

The t25 program includes 10 different 25-minute workouts that are broken down into two phases, the alpha phase, and the beta phase. There is also an additional gamma phase that is geared towards advanced athletes, consisting of four extra DVDs.

The Alpha Phase

This is the phase targeted for beginners. It consists of five workouts with no equipment required. You perform four workouts over the first four days and perform two workouts on the fifth day. On the sixth day, you take a rest and on the seventh day, you perform some stretches for recovery.

The first phase continues for five weeks, hitting the entire body every day. You should keep repeating the Alpha phase until it gets easy and then move on to the Beta phase.

The Beta Phase

The second and more challenging phase is to be done for the next five weeks. It also requires no equipment. It consists of five exercises that hit the entire body.

The Gamma Phase

This is the optional phase of the program, it is an advanced level consisting of four extra 25-minute workouts to be done everyday.

The Takeaway

The 21-day fix workout program is sufficiently intense, and the inclusion of a modifier helps out-of-shape people get motivated and feel included. However, it doesn’t have a lot of progressions and can get repetitive relatively quickly. The t25 workout is super intense and burns a lot of calories in such a short period, however, its intensity may cause injury or extreme fatigue for beginners who fail to modify it correctly, or are too motivated in the beginning.

Nutrition Plan

The nutrition plan for the 21 Day Fix vs Focus t25

No fitness program is complete without a proper nutrition plan to back it up. Good nutrition is not negotiable if you want results.

The 21 Day Fix

As mentioned before, the 21-day fix program package comes with a set of color-coded containers that are designed to help you control your nutrition portions. The nutrition plan is high in protein and fiber but is also high in carbohydrates.

The colors codes and sizes of containers work as follows:

  1. Green: Vegetables. (1 cup)
  2. Purple: Fruit (1 cup)
  3. Red: Protein (¾ a cup)
  4. Yellow: Carbohydrates (½ a cup)
  5. Blue: Healthy fats (⅓ a cup)
  6. Orange: seeds, oils, and dressings (2 tablespoons)

These containers are paired with a guide that tells you exactly which foods you’re allowed to fill the containers with. There is also a vegan-friendly version of the guide. The program encourages you to strictly follow these nutrition rules to get your results within the promised time frame.

You find your nutrition plan by calculating your daily caloric intake and deciding what your goal is. There are four different plans that you choose from depending on your daily calorie intake.

Each plan specifies a number of containers of a certain color that you’re allowed to fill up and consume per day. Starting from 1200 per day on the most restrictive plan (Plan A), up to 2300 calories in the most high-calorie one (Plan D).

The container system is a great tool and makes meal preparation simple and interesting. This is especially true if you struggle to keep your portions under control, but will keep your freedom relatively captive. If you are looking for healthy recipes that give you more freedom, you may want to check out the t25 nutrition guide.

Focus t25

In the t25 package, you’ll find a nutrition guide with various nutritious recipes for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The nutrition facts and micronutrients are included below each meal. The meals are great, and they also include vegan-friendly ones.

The Takeaway

It is clear that the 21-day fix provides a much more in-depth analysis of your goal and helps you design a fitting nutrition plan for yourself, whereas the t25 program expects you to have basic knowledge, so gives you several recommended meals, and leaves the rest to you.


You can buy the complete set for each program and have it delivered to you, or you can choose to subscribe to Beachbody online membership and unlock both program materials online for a specific amount of time.

The Takeaway

The 21-day fix is less expensive than the t25. It provides you with the containers, however, the cycle only lasts for 3 weeks. The t25 is more pricey but provides you with a longer 10-week cycle of shorter, more intense workouts. It also only provides you with a recipe book, instead of a full nutrition guide and kit like the 21-day fix. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use the 21-day fix nutrition plan with the t25 workout plan?

Yes, simply integrate the 21-day fix nutrition guide into your day and follow the t25 workout.

Which workout requires more time out of my day?

The t25 program provides 25-minute workouts, while the 21-day fix gives 30-minute workouts. The time difference isn’t big and both can be considered short workout routines.

Which workout requires more equipment?

The 21-day fix requires a mat and two dumbbells, some exercises may require a resistance band. Whereas the t25 program doesn’t require any equipment for the Alpha and Beta phases. Dumbbells will be required during the gamma phase.


The 21-day fix is better if you’re a beginner in the world of fitness and want to control your eating habits effectively. It will provide you with the necessary tools to count your calories and macronutrients.

It will also provide you with a great workout routine that hits all your body parts in just 30 minutes a day. However, once your body gets used to the program, you’ll want to move to something more challenging.

The t25 is geared to a more intermediate person. The workouts are shorter but more intense. It isn’t the best when it comes to portion control and a specific meal plan with calorie counting. It will however provide you with a taxing workout when you can progress gradually up to an advanced level.

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