Can You Bring Crystal Light Packets on a Plane?

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Crystal light has become a popular on-the-go drink mix since its debut in the 80s. According to Mashed, 90% of American consumers are still aware of the brand to this day. Not only that, but 47% of consumers have positive feedback on the powdered drink!

It’s no wonder you’d want to take a Crystal Light packet or two with you at all times, even while traveling. However, you must be wondering, can you bring crystal packets on a plane?

The short answer is, yes! You can bring crystal light packets on a plane. However, you’ll need to adhere to some restrictions set by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

In this article, we’re going to explore everything you need to know about bringing Crystal Light and other powdered packets on a plane, so stick around.

What Are the TSA’s Latest Rules for Powdered Substances?

Passengers at TSA checkpoint

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has a lot of restrictions about what items you can bring on a plane. The agency is also known for its tedious screening process.

In 2018, the TSA announced that they were going to tighten their security over powdered items and electronic devices larger than cell phones.

The TSA’s rules recommend putting powdered items over 12 ounces into check-in luggage. In addition, you must remove powdered substances from carry-on luggage for separate screening.

Other than that, the TSA encouraged other international airports to tighten their security as well, especially if they have several U.S. flights.

Feel free to check out TSA’s website and skim through its latest guidelines.

Can You Bring Crystal Light Packets on a Plane?

Many of us are concerned about packing powdered products like drink mixes, coffee grounds, sugar, tea bags, protein powder, and baby powder while flying.

The reason is that the airport security checkpoint might mistake a powdered drink for illegal drugs, even if it’s as innocent as Crystal Light packets.

Besides, there are lots of non-hazardous items that may appear dangerous on scanning screens. Unfortunately, suspicious items may lead to a time-consuming hand search.

However, you have nothing to worry about if you’re not bringing illegal substances.

Generally, the TSA allows you to bring powdered drink mixes, such as Crystal Light packets. Also, flying with powdered drinks isn’t as complicated as traveling with liquids.

Since powdered items don’t have the same rules as liquids, there’s no need to pack them in a 3-1-1 or quart-sized bag.

What’s more, you can pack your Crystal Lights in their original packaging. Just make sure that the packets don’t have tears. Otherwise, you’ll risk messing up the rest of your luggage items.

This is why it’s recommended that you pack powdered substances in plastic or containers that you can seal well. In fact, you may double the plastic to ensure that the package is extra safe.

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Can You Put Crystal Light Packets in Your Carry-On Bag?

Crystal Light Products Crystal Light-Flavored Drink Mix, Lemonade, 30 8-oz. Packe beverages, PACK OF 1, Yellow

The TSA doesn’t have restrictions on how many powdered substances you can bring with you on the plane. Hence, you can take as many Crystal Light packets with you if you pack them in your check-in luggage.

You may also put your crystal light packets in your carry-on bag. However, keep in mind that the packets shouldn’t exceed 350 milliliters or 12 ounces. Otherwise, your Crystal Lights may become subjects for additional screening.

If your crystal light packets exceed the recommended amount, you need to place them in a separate bin, like you would do to your electronic devices, for X-ray screening.

In addition, keep in mind that TSA officers are very cautious when it comes to powdered substances. One of the major reasons is that some passengers try to mix illegal substances with powdered items.

Hence, you may experience delay in security checkpoints if you don’t follow restrictions. Worse, the powdered drink mix wouldn’t be allowed in the aircraft or would be confiscated and discarded.

Should You Put Your Crystal Light Packets in a Clear Plastic Bag?

You don’t need to put the powdered mix in a clear plastic bag like you would with liquids.

Putting your Crystal Lights in clear plastic bags, like a resealable bag, is completely optional. Though, keeping your Crystal Lights in their original packets is also ideal.

Nevertheless, you should keep the packets inside the accessible pockets of your carry-on bags.

This way, you can access them quickly in case an airport security officer wants to inspect the substance. Plus, you’re letting the TSA officers know that you’re not trying to hide the powder.

Can You Put Your Crystal Light Packets in Your Personal Bags?

Crystal Light Sugar-Free Energy Grape On-The-Go Powdered Drink Mix 120 Count

You’re also allowed to put powdered substances in your personal bags. Hence, you can pack your Crystal Light Packets in your small backpack, briefcase, travel bag, or purse.

Other than that, I don’t recommend bringing water to mix the Crystal Light packets with you. Instead, you can take empty water bottles with you.

You may fill the bottles with water once you’ve gone through security. Most airports have drinking fountains or bottle refill stations outside of restrooms.

Can You Bring Your Crystal Light Packets on an International Flight?

Usually, all flights and airlines follow the TSA’s rules for powdered drink mixes. Hence, you can rest assured that it’s safe to bring your Crystal Light packets.

Make sure that you’re not bringing over 12 ounces of Crystal Light packets unless you’ve paid for a check-in bag.

Be that as it may, it’s better to check your flight for the airline’s restrictions on powdered items every time you’re on an international flight.

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What Is the Most Efficient Way to Pack Crystal Light Packets?

Packing your Crystal Light packets in your check-in suitcase is more efficient than putting them in carry-on luggage or personal bags.

For starters, you wouldn’t need to take the powdered drink mix out of your luggage for separate screening. Plus, you’re less likely to get held up in the line if the TSA officer needs to do additional screening of the item.

Just keep in mind that you’ll need to pay a fee to bring check-in luggage. If you don’t like the hassle, you’ll find that a check-in suitcase is worth it.

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