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What’s the easiest way to consume more water? Make it taste refreshing and fruity!

Crystal Light does exactly that by adding desirable flavor to your water so that it’s enjoyable for you to meet the recommended water intake.

That being said, Crystal Light can also increase the number of times you pee daily.

Peeing more frequently can be a natural result of consuming more fluids. However, Crystal Light ingredients might also have something to do with your frequent urination.

So, why does Crystal Light make me pee? Let’s find out!

Why Does Crystal Light Make Me Pee? In a Nutshell

Crystal Light contains a few ingredients that can increase your peeing frequency. It includes caffeine, which is a well-known diuretic. It also contains artificial sweeteners and citric acid. Many studies have shown their bladder irritation effect.

How Often Is Too Often to Pee in a Day?

When wondering why you pee too much, it’s helpful to know how often is too often to pee in a day. What is the normal urination frequency?

The specific number of times a person should go to the bathroom depends on the person, their age, and their diet.

Urinating from 4 to 10 times a day is a common range, according to many sources. So, if you pee up to 10 times daily, you shouldn’t worry; this is normal.

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In addition, if you use Crystal Light to increase your daily water consumption, you’ll experience an increase in the time of using the bathroom. This is because your body might not be familiar with the new water consumption routine you adapted recently.

The Reasons Crystal Light Makes You Pee: 3 Suspected Components

Crystal Light comes in four different product categories: Classics, Pure, Tea, and Caffeine. Each one has slightly different ingredients. However, most of the products share similar components, overall.

The three ingredients in Crystal Light that have an effect, one way or the other, on urination and bladder health are:

  • Caffeine
  • Artificial Sweeteners
  • Citric Acid


Crystal Light Sugar-Free Fruit Variety On-The-Go Powdered Drink Mix 44 Count

Some Crystal Light products are caffeinated. These products, on average, contain around 60 mg of caffeine per pack.

As you might know, caffeine has a diuretic effect. That’s why each time you have your morning coffee, you feel the urge to urinate. Similarly, your caffeinated Crystal Light may be responsible for your frequent peeing.

That said, we can’t say for sure that Crystal Light is the main cause of frequent peeing if you consume high caffeine from other beverages. After all, the product’s caffeine content is moderate compared to other caffeinated drinks.

The only way to confirm that Crystal Light is the source of the urination issue is to stop all the other caffeine sources. Only drink Crystal Light for a few days and examine what will happen.

If you’ve confirmed this product causes the problem, switching to the caffeine-free Crystal Light products might be a good idea.

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Artificial Sweeteners

Except with Crystal Light Pure, Crystal Light’s main sweeteners are aspartame, sucralose, and acesulfame potassium.

All of these artificial sweeteners have a notable effect on irritating the bladder for patients and normal people, according to NAFC. They’re probably causing your frequent urge to urinate.

The effect of these sweeteners may be even worse if you have an overactive bladder. If this is the case, you should avoid artificial sweeteners in Crystal Light or any other product.

Citric Acid

The citrus flavor is incredibly enticing. Zillions of people, including myself, love it. That’s why Crystal Light manufacturers add citric acid to most products to give them a desirable sour flavor.

Citric acid is associated with bladder irritation, whether from natural citrus or a manufactured source. Doctors advise people with bladder issues to stay away from citric acid.

Nevertheless, this acid’s effect on urination isn’t limited to patients. It can also impact normal people. On that account, citric acid can stand behind frequent urination problems, especially if your bladder is sensitive.

Why Might Crystal Light Not Be the Reason You Pee Too Often?

Peeing too much when drinking Crystal Light doesn’t mean that the mix is the cause. After all, Crystal Light causing frequent urination isn’t a common issue; it’s rare.

So, other bladder irritants might be the real reason for your case. That way, looking at other potential causes will be so helpful.

We prepared a checklist of the common bladder irritants to help you with that. If you use one item from the list regularly, you need to reconsider suspecting Crystal Light.

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Diet Soda

When we cut sugar, we resort to diet soda to get a sweet taste without the guilt of consuming high calories.

Nonetheless, like Crystal Light, diet soda includes two common bladder irritants: caffeine and artificial sweeteners.

Some reports classified carbonated drinks, including sugar-free ones, as one of the worst beverages on bladder health.

In addition, a lot of people report that consuming soda increases their urination frequency considerably.

So, if you drink soda in your diet, it may be the cause of peeing too much, not Crystal Light. That way, you need to stop it for a bit and check your peeing frequency.

Energy Drinks

Redbull energy Drinks

The high content of sugar and caffeine in energy drinks helps boost your energy, but it also makes energy drinks a possible cause of frequent urination.

In addition, many of these products contain ginseng, known for its stimulating effect on the bladder. All these components lead to frequent urination.

If you enjoy consuming energy drinks regularly, this may increase your peeing frequency.

Caffeinated Beverages

Caffeinated beverages, on top of them, coffee of all types, may be responsible for frequent peeing.

As we said previously, caffeine is a diuretic, and its consumption triggers your body to get rid of water. That way, you’ll end up using the bathroom more frequently.

Spicy Foods

When we follow a low-calorie diet, we tend to use spices to enhance the taste of low-fat and carb foods. If you also do so, great job!

Spices have no direct effect on urination except spicy ones. Still, using spicy seasonings can cause irritation of the bladder. The same goes for citrus spices and sauces.

Some people report an increased urge to pee when consuming spicy and tomato-based foods. Check your spices; they may be the root of the problem.


When talking about peeing frequently, many won’t realize that alcohol can have an effect. In fact, alcohol is one of the common causes of frequent urge urination, as it stimulates the bladder and irritates it. It’s also a diuretic.

On top of that, alcohol restricts the activation of ADH, a hormone that helps your body conserve water. By inhibiting this hormone, your bladder gets full quickly, causing you to feel the need to urinate.

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What Are the Best Substitutes for Crystal Light?

Although Crystal Light can be one of the easiest methods to flavor your water, it’s not the only way. There are many healthier alternatives out there.

Many of these are natural and contain no processed components or artificial ingredients. Better still, you can prepare them quickly, and they’re affordable.

We recommend replacing Crystal Light with these natural water flavorings:

Make Fruit-Infused Water

Fruit-Infused Water

This is one of the most popular ways to naturally add flavor to water. Not only do fruits bring a flavorful taste to our water, but they also add vitamins to the liquid.

Add your favorite fresh fruit slices to your daily water intake to flavor it. Leave fruits in the water for at least 5 hours and then drink.

You can use almost any type of fruit for this. However, we recommend using raspberry and strawberries as essentials. They add a unique taste and can go perfectly with any other fruit.

You can use our recipe if you don’t know which fruits to use. These are the ingredients:

  1. Frozen Fruits: Strawberries, Mango, Berries, Dragon Fruit
  2. Mint and Basil
  3. Lemon Slices
  4. Lime Slices

You can omit citrus from the recipe if they cause you peeing problems.

Add a Little Fruit Juice to Water

We know you might avoid fruit juices because of their relatively high sugar content. Luckily, you can pick from multiple fruit juices with low sugar content.

Good options include cranberry, apples, and grapefruit, to name a few. Add just a little amount of this fruit juice to the water.

It’s a healthy way to turn plain water into a desirable beverage. That way, the water gets a fruity flavor and vitamins.

Use Tasty Herbs

Herbals seem unattractive to many people. Though, when you use them in balanced ratios, they can create a highly enticing flavor.

You can use some herbs in your kitchen to add desirable flavored water. Grab a bunch of mints, sticks, cinnamon, and parsley, and put them in your water. Leave them for at least 5 to 6 hours.

After that time, enjoy your delectable herbal water.

Prepare Lavender Flowers Drink

Here’s another one of our favorites: lavender flowers. You can use these flowers to give your water a special taste.

The lavender flavor might be a little strange for some people at first. Nonetheless, you’ll probably like it after using it a few times.

Grab some dried or fresh lavender flowers and place them in the water for at least five or six hours. Enjoy the water throughout the day.

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