The 5 Best Low Carb Pancake Syrups

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Are you trying to watch your calories? Depriving yourself of delicious food isn’t the answer because it can cause depression, and you won’t be motivated enough to stay on a diet.

You can still enjoy pancakes even if you’re trying to lose weight. Buying the best low carb pancake syrup will help you enjoy a delicious snack without messing up with your diet plan.

In this article, we’ll review some of the best low carb pancake syrups. Keep on reading and enjoy your pancakes while staying in shape.

ImageProductDetails  Price
s-l1600-1Mrs. Butterworth Sugar-Free SyrupBest Overall Check Price
s-l500Smuckers Sugar-Free Breakfast SyrupRunner-UpCheck Price
Walden-Farms-Calorie-Free-Pancake-SyrupWalden Farms Calorie Free Pancake SyrupBest Budget PickCheck Price

Reviews of the Best Low Carb Pancake Syrups

These guilt-free options are so tasty, so you can use them on top of your freshly-made pancakes. Check them out.

1. Mrs. Butterworth Sugar-Free Syrup

Mrs. Butterworth Sugar-Free Syrup

With 80% fewer calories than other options, this syrup is an excellent choice for people who want to lose weight. The formula is sugar-free but is exceptionally delicious with no chemical aftertaste while allowing you to enjoy your pancakes and waffles whenever you like.

It’s keto-friendly because it’s low carb, so it won’t increase your blood sugar levels if you’re diabetic. You can also use it to add a hint of delicious taste to your stir fry plates and baked dishes. Even if you’re not following a diet, this sugar-free option will guarantee that you’re not consuming unnecessary calories.

The taste is exceptionally close to the original high-sugar syrup without all the extra calories. It’s slightly sweeter than other options, but the maple flavor isn’t that strong.

Things We Like

  • Sweeter than other options with 80% fewer calories
  • Keto-friendly syrup
  • Can be used in cooking
  • No aftertaste

Things We Don’t

  • The maple syrup isn’t that strong

2. Smuckers Sugar-Free Breakfast Syrup

Smuckers Sugar-Free Breakfast Syrup

This thick and tasty formula is an excellent addition to your breakfast dishes without messing up with your calorie intake or blood sugar level. It’s sugar-free and contains 90% fewer calories than the ones found in regular syrup. The syrup is sweetened by Splenda and has no aftertaste, so you can use it on top of pancakes, waffles, French toast, and cookies, as long as you’re using a diet-friendly mix.

This is an affordable product because you will receive a pack of 2. The bottle is designed to minimize waste and help you control the amount added on top of your food. You can safely use this syrup in baking.

With hints of buttery richness and the sweetness of maple, this syrup will help you enjoy your breakfast or snacks without the guilt of consuming unnecessary calories. On the bright side, you can decrease the amount of butter added to your pancake mix. However, if you’re not fond of the buttery flavor, you should look for another option.

Things We Like

  • Rich syrup
  • No aftertaste
  • Affordable option
  • Hints of butter for more richness

Things We Don’t

  • Some people aren’t fond of the strong buttery taste

3. Cary’s Sugar-Free Low-Calorie Syrup

Cary’s Sugar-Free Low-Calorie Syrup

Offered by one of the top brands, this sugar-free syrup is the best guilt-free alternative for people who want to watch their calorie intake. The sugar-free formula is rich with the delicious maple flavor for a tasty topping on top of your pancakes or waffles.

The consistency is excellent, and the formula is perfectly safe for diabetic people or those who are trying to follow a keto diet. There’s no artificial or chemical aftertaste, so it’s almost like a regular syrup without all the unnecessary calories.

For some people, the consistency can be too runny. It’s also not very sweet, so it will only work for you if you don’t like your syrup to be extra-sweet.

Things We Like

  • Guilt-free syrup
  • Suitable for diabetic people and those who follow a keto diet
  • No artificial taste
  • Rich maple flavor

Things We Don’t

  • Can be too runny for some people
  • Not extra-sweet

4. ChocZero’s Maple Syrup Sugar-free

ChocZero’s Maple Syrup Sugar-free

Enjoy the traditional taste of maple syrup without the extra sugar with this sugar-free and carb-free syrup. With 1 gram of net carbs per serving, this is a perfect choice for low carb and keto diets. You can also try the maple vanilla or maple pecan flavors for an extra kick. The brand also offers caramel, chocolate, and strawberry flavors.

This recipe doesn’t contain any additives or chemicals because it uses monk fruit as a natural sugar replacement. It has a low glycemic index to help you stick to your diet plan. You can also use it in baked recipes.

The syrup’s rich and luscious texture guarantees that you will enjoy the perfect taste because it’s not diluted. It’s gluten-free and doesn’t have a weird chemical aftertaste.

If you’re not a fan of the extra-sweet taste, you will love this syrup. However, the amount you receive is less than what you get from other products.

Things We Like

  • Sugar-free and chemical-free syrup
  • No aftertaste
  • Can be used in baking
  • Several delicious flavors are available

Things We Don’t

  • Doesn’t taste as sweet as other options
  • More expensive than other choices

5. Walden Farms Calorie Free Pancake Syrup

Walden Farms Calorie Free Pancake Syrup

This syrup contains no sugar or fats, so it’s suitable for those paying attention to their calories or going on a keto diet. The formula is so delicious and contains no trans fats, so it’s healthy to use on your breakfast pancakes, waffles, French toast, or any other desserts.

The maple yumminess isn’t to be mistaken without all the extra calories that you don’t want to consume. There’s no chemical aftertaste despite being sugar-free. Even when warmed up, this syrup tastes heavenly.

If you’re allergic to sucralose or hate its taste, you won’t like this syrup. Compared to other recipes, this one can be runnier than other options.

Things We Like

  • Sugar-free and fat-free recipe
  • Can be used on top of several desserts
  • Delicious maple taste
  • No chemical aftertaste

Things We Don’t

  • Strong sucralose taste
  • The formula is runnier than other options on the market

Why Should You Buy a Low Carb Pancake Syrup?

Pancakes are delicious and easy to prepare. However, they don’t exactly fit into the perfect diet plan if you’re trying to lose weight.

Nevertheless, if you use the right kind of flour and a low carb syrup, you can still enjoy your delicious pancakes while watching your carbs intake. Low carb syrup is sugar-free and contains no additives that might increase your blood glucose levels.

When your blood glucose levels are too high, you’re at risk of several health issues. Lowering your blood sugar by paying attention to the food you eat will help you achieve your weight loss goals.

If you’re trying to lose weight, sticking to a potent diet plan like the custom keto diet will help you reach and maintain your target weight. Unlike other plans, this one will permanently change your body, so you won’t gain the weight you’ve lost.

Losing weight isn’t about starving or giving up all the delicious plates and snacks that you like to enjoy with your family and friends. It’s about learning to switch to healthier options that are tasty and won’t add unnecessary calories that will be automatically stored in your body in the form of extra pounds.

An overly restrictive diet is impossible to maintain. It also puts your body into a starvation mode. Instead of burning calories, your body will start to store them because you’re not providing your body with enough nutrition.

Moreover, starvation pushes your body to burn muscles instead of fats. With a lower muscle mass, it will be more challenging to lose weight.

Successful weight loss is all about deceiving your body by providing delicious and satisfying meals with healthier and guilt-free options. A Low carb pancake syrup will be an excellent topping on your pancakes, waffles, diet-friendly cookies, yogurt, and even fat-free ice cream. A few drops of this syrup will also work on salmon, beef, and chicken if you want to add a unique taste.

How to Make a Low Carb Pancake Syrup at Home?

Without any sugar, carbs, or unnecessary calories, this recipe is easy to prepare at home, so you can have guilt-free pancake syrup. This easy to make recipe is made up of 4 ingredients and will be ready within 10 minutes, so you can add your syrup to any dish.



  • Whisk all the ingredients except the Xanthan gum in a saucepan. The powdered texture will keep the syrup smooth without any grittiness.
  • Let the mixture simmer for 5 minutes.
  • Add the Xanthan gum on top until you reach the desired consistency. Add more if you feel that your syrup is runny.
  • Always blend the syrup well before serving.
  • Keep the leftovers in an airtight jar. You can also freeze the syrup for 2 months in a Ziploc bag.
  • Get it out of the fridge and give it a stir before every serving.

Wrap Up

You don’t have to give up pancakes or waffles just because you’re watching your calories. As long as you’re following a diet-friendly recipe, you can add a low carb pancake syrup on top to enjoy the deliciousness without dealing with the extra pounds.

We chose Mrs. Butterworth Sugar-Free Syrup as our top choice because it has the same texture as real syrup and can be used in various recipes. Get creative and add this syrup to several dishes and enjoy the flavorsome taste.

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