Pureboost vs. Zipfizz: Your Ultimate Guide

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Did you know that more than 69% of workers in the U.S. are struggling with a lack of energy? So, what do you usually do to fuel your body and supercharge your batteries?

If you think your morning coffee would do the trick, think again. Even though Americans consume about 517 million cups of coffee every day, fatigue is still a common problem.

If it’s a priority for you to find a healthy energy product, or it’s a tough decision for you to choose between Pureboost and Zipfizz energy drinks, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ll help you choose your energy drink mix by providing an extensive Pureboost vs. Zipfizz comparison. So, keep on reading!

Pureboost vs. Zipfizz Overview

Pureboost and Zipfizz contain 28 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and the same amount of caffeine content, promising higher energy levels for six hours.

Pureboost is sweetened with stevia ─Zipfizz has Xylitol and Sucralose─ making Pureboost a cleaner energy drink. However, consumers gave Zipfizz very good ratings for taste. Although Pureboost is more affordable than Zipfizz, customers gave Zipfizz better reviews for its value for money.

ImageProductDetails  Price
ZipfizzZipfizzBetter Value for the MoneyCheck Price
PureboostPureboostBudget PickCheck Price

Pureboost vs. Zipfizz: What’s Different?

Let’s find out more about the difference between Pureboost and Zipfizz energy drinks.

Nutrients and Energy

Both Pureboost and Zipfizz provide you with essential vitamins and minerals. However, let’s take a closer look to see the slight differences regarding the calories and the type of caffeine they contain.

Pureboost Nutrients and Energy

Pureboost is a clean energy drink mix that’s loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, and it offers you crash-free energy for up to six hours. It’s convenient if you’d like to avoid all artificial ingredients.

According to the supplement facts, one Pureboost packet (12 g) contains 25 calories only.

Last but not least, it provides you with 100 mg of caffeine that’s extracted from green tea. Based on customer reviews, many people loved how Pureboost used stevia as a sweetener.

Zipfizz Nutrients and Energy

Zipfizz is a healthy energy drink mix that’s supplemented with vitamins and antioxidants, and it will boost your energy from four to six hours. It might be what you’re looking for if you need packs suitable for traveling or being used on the go.

Based on the supplement facts, one Zipfizz tube (11 g) provides you with just 20 calories.

Lastly, it provides you with 100 mg of caffeine that’s extracted from green tea, guarana seed, and green coffee.

What We Think

We’ve found that when it comes to caffeine intake, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and energy boost time, both Pureboost and Zipfizz are almost the same. Based on reviews, the two of them also seem to kick up your energy fast.

However, Pureboost contains stevia as a sweetener, while Zipfizz contains Xylitol ─a natural type of sugar found in fruits and vegetables─ and Sucralose, ─a zero-calorie artificial sweetener.

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Zipfizz Healthy Energy Drink Mix, Hydration with B12 and Multi Vitamins, Variety Pack, 30 Count, 0.38 Ounce (Pack of 30)

Would you like to know more about how Pureboost and Zipfizz taste?

Pureboost Taste

When it comes to taste, most customers think that Pureboost doesn’t taste good enough. Some of the customers found that Pureboost tasted a bit sour.

On the other hand, other customers found the taste pleasant and sweet. So, obviously, it’s a matter of personal preference.

Pureboost offers natural flavors, such as green apples, elderberry, and pineapple, which consumers say taste natural.

Zipfizz Taste

Zipfizz comes in a variety of flavors which most customers think are pretty good. According to several reviews, grapes and orange cream flavors are their favorite.

Conversely, other customers didn’t like the carbonated taste Zipfizz has got, whereas others think it’s refreshing. No aftertaste, though, according to common customers’ reviews.

What We Think

Both Pureboost and Zipfizz taste agreeable and have no aftertaste. However, Zipfizz has been rated higher for its tasty variety of flavors.

Weight and Price

Pureboost Clean Energy Drink Mix + Immune System Support. Sugar-Free Energy with B12, Multivitamins, Antioxidants, Electrolytes (Acai Alert, 30 Count)

So, which offers more value for money? And which is more low-priced?  Let’s dig deeper to learn more about weight and price.

Pureboost Weight and Price

Pureboost comes in a 12.69 ounce (360 g) pack, which contains 30 packets of energy powder. Each packet is 0.42 ounce (12 g).

The Pureboost price is $32.99 per pack. As 30 packets would secure a monthly intake, some customers find Pureboost more reasonable money-wise.

Zipfizz Weight and Price

The Zipfizz pack weighs 7.76 ounce (220 g), and it includes 20 tubes of powder, 0.39 ounce (11 g) each.

The Zipfizz price is $38.98 per pack. Since 20 tubes aren’t enough to cover a whole month, some customers find Zipfizz a little bit pricey in the long run.

What We Think

Although the price of Pureboost is more reasonable than that of Zipfizz, it’s Zipfizz that scored more in customers’ reviews for its value for money. So, Zipfizz is obviously worth it!

However, if you’re more interested in getting your energy drink at a competitive price and saving the extra money, Pureboost could be your best choice.


Is Pureboost carbonated?

While Pureboost isn’t a carbonated drink, it’s fizzy. When you mix the Pureboost powder with water, it creates foam, and then the foam dissipates shortly.

So, to avoid spilling the mix on your bottle, leave extra room for this fizzy effect, then shake and enjoy its freshness.

Does Zippfizz cause weight gain?

One serving of Zipfizz gives you only 20 calories, so it’s almost impossible to contribute to putting on extra weight.

On the contrary, Zipfizz might help you lose weight.

The Bottom Line

To sum up our Pureboost vs. Zipfizz guide, both will give you almost the same amount of nutrients, antioxidants, and caffeine intake that equals one cup of coffee.

Moreover, both Pureboost and Zipfizz promise a no-crash energy boost for up to six hours.

Pureboost might be a good choice for those who want a clean energy drink with a healthy sweetener like stevia.

Conversely, Zipfizz contains Xylitol and Sucralose. While Xylitol is natural, Sucralose is an artificial sweetener. However, most consumers rated Zipfizz high for its nice taste.

Although Pureboost costs less than Zipfizz, customers rated Zipfizz as excellent for its value for money. So, if it’s important to you to get a tasty energy drink, regardless of its price, Zipfizz may be the one.

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